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Library Services: Group Study Rooms

Group Study RoomThe FAC Library has six study group rooms and the LGC Library has one group study room available for reservation.  Group study rooms are reserves primarily for study and collaboration between students and faculty. Individual study is merely a secondary use of these use.  Study groups have a priority over individuals.  Please refer to the study room usage guidelines below for more information.

Germanna C.C. Fredericksburg Campus Library

Group Study Rooms-Use Guidelines


Group study rooms are reserved primarily for study and collaboration between students and faculty, and secondarily for individual quiet study.   Study groups have priority over individuals.

Use of library group study rooms is based upon the following rules:

  1. Group study rooms are available to be scheduled for 2 hours at a time. If the room is available after that time, patrons may schedule the room for an additional 2 hour block of time.
  2. Groups of two or more persons have priority use of study rooms.
  3. Groups may schedule a room up to two weeks in advance.
  4. All persons using the room must follow the College’s policies for conduct outlined within the Catalog and Student Handbook.
  5. Personal property may not be left unattended to reserve a group study room. Personal property left unattended in an unoccupied group study room is considered to be lost. “Lost and Found” items can be claimed by patrons at the Campus Police and Security Office.
  6. No posted signs other than those approved by the library shall be permitted in the group study rooms. In addition, any obstruction of the windows is prohibited.
  7. Eating and drinking is prohibited in group study rooms.
  8. Patrons may not use group study rooms to sleep.
  9. Privacy is not guaranteed when using the group study rooms. College staff reserves the right to enter any study space at any time without prior permission of the occupants.
  10. Patrons are encouraged to limit the amount of noise from conversations and equipment so as not to unduly disturb other patrons in the area. Audio-visual equipment may be used in Group study rooms as long as the sound does not disturb others outside the room. The use of earphones is encouraged.
  11. Children must be properly supervised and may not be left unattended.

Consequences of failing to comply with these rules:

GCC students may be subject to added disciplinary sanctions. Complaints or questions should be directed to Library Staff or the on-duty Police and Security Officers.