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The following handouts are designed to supplement the instructional content of Germanna courses. Please scroll down or choose from one of the following categories to download a topic that interests you.

Accounting | English | ESL | Foreign Languages | Hybrid & Online Learning | IT | Math | Nursing | Science | Social Sciences | Study Skills

Accounting top
Chart of Accounts
Double Entry Logs
Production Cost Analysis
When to Debit and Credit in Accounting

English top
Annotated Bibliography
APA Format Guide
APA Formatting in Word 2010
APA Sample Paper
Chicago Manual Style Format
Chicago Manual Style Paper Checklist for College Writers
Chicago Manual Style Sample Paper
Chicago Style Citation Guide
Comma Rules
Common Adjective and Adverb Errors
Controlling Idea/Topic Sentences
Creating a Thesis Statement
Direct and Indirect Objects
Five Fixes for Run-ons and Comma Splices
Guide to English Grammar
Guide to Writing a Research Paper
Guide to Writing an Essay
Incorporating Sources into Research Writing
Literary Analysis
MLA Format
MLA Formatting in Word 2010
MLA Sample Paper
Peer-Editing Evaluation Chart
Process Analysis Paper
Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Pronoun Case
Self-Editing Checklist for College Writers
Spelling Noun Plurals
Subject-Verb Agreements
The Semicolon
Verb Tenses
Virginia Placement Test (VPT) Information
VCCS English VPT Review
Writing a Lab Report

English as a Second Language
Common Adjective and Adverb Errors
COMPASS Placement Test: Reading
COMPASS Placement Test: Writing
ESL:Use of Articles
ESL:Use of Prepositions
ESL: Verbals
Guide to English Grammar
Spelling Noun Plurals
Subject/Verb Agreement
Verb Tenses


Foreign Languages
Tips for Studying a Foreign Language
Direct, Indirect, and Reflexive Pronouns
Perfect Tenses
Por and Para
Preterit and Imperfect
Saber and Conocer
Ser and Estar

Spanish Verbs

The Subjunctive

Hybrid & Online Learning Tools top
8 Strategies for Success in Online & Hybrid Courses
Accessing Student Wireless Network
Blackboard Collaborate Basics
Blackboard Quick Reference
Introduction to Blackboard
Distance Learning Resources
Introduction to Student E-mail
Introduction to Windows
Smarthinking Student Handbook
Smarthinking Brochure

Information Technology top
CS and IT Conversions
HTML Quick Reference Guide
Computer Competency Requirement & Resource Information
Introduction to Windows
Object-Oriented Programming with Java
Ti-83 Graphing Calculator Workshop

Mathematics top
Calculus Limits
Change of Number Bases
Common Derivatives and Integrals
Common Trigonometric Angle Measurements
Completing the Square
Complex Numbers
Cumulative MTE 1-9 Review
Decimals,Fractions and Percents
Divisibility Rules
Exponents, Radicals, and Scientific Notation
Factoring Methods
Fundamentals of Probability
Geometric Formulas
Graphing Polynomial Functions
How to Graph Trigonometric Functions
Introduction to Fractions
Introduction to Word Problems
Linear Equations
Math Strategies
Metric Conversion
MTE 5 and 7 Word Problems
MTE Success Strategies
MTH 151 Logic Truth Tables
MTH 240 Statistics
MyMathLab Tips
Order of Operations and Signed Numbers
Permutations and Combinations
Polynomial Fractions
Radicals and Fractional Exponents
Resources for Reviewing Basic Math Skills
Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using Matrices
The Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant
TI-83-84 Calculator Usage
Venn Diagrams for Math 151
Virginia Placement Test (VPT) Information

Nursing top
Drug Dosage Calculation Packet
Drug Dosage Practice Problem Packet
Nursing Conversions and Formulas
Test Taking Strategies for Nurses
TEAS Preparation

TEAS Practice Questions

TEAS Preparation  Resources

Science top
Aqueous Reactions
Balancing Chemical Equations
Black and White Periodic Table
Chemical Conversions and Problems
Color Periodic Table
Conversions and Dimensional Analysis
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Metric Conversions
Mitosis vs. Meiosis
Naming Compounds
Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
Polyatomic Ion List
Significant Figure Rules
Writing a Lab Report

Social Sciences top
Writing a Research Paper in the Social Sciences
Study Skills top
Guidelines for Improving Note-Taking Skills
Managing Test Anxiety
Math Strategies
Student Schedule Worksheet
Student Study Group Information
Test-Taking Tips
Tips for Studying a Foreign Language
Virginia Placement Test (VPT) Information
VCCS English VPT Review
Writing a Lab Report

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