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Germanna Policies- Instructional Services Policy 40170


Employee Access to Non-Credit Classes

1. Purpose. This policy establishes criteria and procedures for allowing employees to take non-credit courses related to their position at the college, free of charge.

2. Policy. Employees will be allowed to take classes related to their jobs, free of charge, on a space available basis. Priority will be given to paying customers of the Center for Workforce and Community Education.

3. Procedures.

a) Complete the Center for Workforce and Community Education registration form.

b) Complete a supervisor sign-off form with which the supervisor agrees the class is related to the employee’s job. This form may be obtained from a Center for Workforce office.

c) It is the supervisor’s prerogative to decide if an employee can take a class during the day.

d) Contact the appropriate Workforce office two business days in advance of the class to confirm space availability.

4. Point of Contact.

Kathleen Habel

Dean of the Center for Workforce and

Community Education

(540) 891-3012 or

(540) 727-3008

5. Approval Date: October 7, 2002 by President’s Council