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Your investment in GCC helped educate many students this year. We continue to meet the demand for innovation and excellence in faculty, equipment and facilities. We are grateful for your continued support to help us meet the growing needs of our thriving community.

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Atlantic Builders Scholarship

In 2010, Atlantic Builders CEO Adam Fried made a commitment with Germanna to offer scholarships for deserving and needy students in the Fredericksburg area.

Since then, Adam has been doing just that—giving students the support they need to continue their education and encouraging those who want to transfer to four-year institutions.

“We believe in education as a critical path for individuals to achieve more in life,” said Adam in the Atlantic Builders blog. “We also believe the future of the world depends on getting everybody the chance to continue learning and growing.”

It’s no coincidence that increased scholarship support correlates with a drastic increase in Germanna’s transfer rates. “From 2010 to 2013, Germanna’s graduate transfers to four-year institutions have increased by 24%. This demonstrates the impact of community colleges in our local economies and the national education system. More and more students are choosing community colleges.” said Jane Wallace, President of the Germanna Community College Educational Foundation.

Since the Atlantic Builders fund was created, it has provided scholarships for top students to earn their associate’s degrees, majoring in disciplines from Engineering to Philosophy to Nursing. The scholarship was awarded to four students for the 2013-14 academic year. Atlantic Builders has expressed their continued generosity through scholarship support for future generations of students to attend Germanna.

For more information on Atlantic Builders, see their website: Atlantic Builders.


Jenny Stone

"Jenny Stone isn’t the typical college student body president."

For one thing, the Germanna Community College Student Government Association leader and Falmouth resident is 40 years old, and her 21- and 20-year-old sons plan to join her at GCC for the spring semester.

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Golf Tournament 2013

golf tournament

Funds raised through the tournament are used to support Germanna Community College and the Germanna Educational Foundation.

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