Goal Achievements 2012-2013

Germanna Community College Final Report on Progress– July 18, 2013

July 2012 through June 2013

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Goal 1: Increase enrollment of underserved populations at GCC by 5% over 2011-2012.

Result: Goal not achieved. The underrepresented population dropped by approximately 1% from 2011-2012 levels. However, as a percent of the total college population, it increased by about 2% from 2011-2012 levels to over 54%.



Goal 2: Develop and begin implementation of institutional communications and marketing plan to enroll more URP Virginians.

Result: Goal achieved. Data analysis and continuous improvement in progress.



Goal 3: Develop 2 new academic programs (degree, certificate, or career studies certificate) that respond to emerging, critical workforce needs, particularly in STEM-Health career areas.

Result: Goal achieved. Four new programs are in the approval process. (AAS in Emergency Medical Services; AAS in Fire Science; Certificate in Advanced Networking ; AAS in Physical Therapy.



Goal 4: Increase the percentage of Middle College students who, within one year of completing the GED, enroll in a community college, as compared with 2011-12.

Result: Goal not achieved. Data indicate a 42.5% post – secondary enrollment rate, down from 45.28% in 2011-2012.



Goal 5: Increase the number of Virginia Educational Wizard profiles created by students in the GCC service region in grades 7 through 12 by 2,500 and 10% increase of profiles created by GCC students.

Result: Data not yet available from system office.



Goal 6: Participate in the creation of the case-based management system. Provide appropriate input to System office. Implementation will begin when available.

Result: Goal partially achieved: Awaiting further progress at system level.



Goal 7: Expand the number of GCC students in the Great Expectations program by 25% over 2011-12 totals.

Result: Goal not achieved. (2011 participants – 26. 2012 participants - 30 for an increase of 15%)



Goal 8: Increase the number of GCC students receiving financial aid by 5% over 2011-12 with special focus on middle class students.

Result: Goal partially achieved. The increase in the amount awarded for students receiving financial aid was 11% overall but Germanna had a 36% reduction in PELL grant recipients.



Goal 9: Increase the proportion of students provided with financial aid for noncredit workforce instruction leading to credentials in the On Ramp program




Goal 10: Benchmarks for financial aid shared services model.


Student Success


Goal 11: Explore the creation of a Center for Veteran Support and Retraining.

Result: Goal achieved. Our first Veterans Center has been created at the Fredericksburg Area Campus.



Goal 12: Per System Office directive and guidance, GCC will review and report outcomes data on college readiness initiatives.

Result: Goal partially achieved. The Readiness Resource on the “Are You College Ready” website is complete. Germanna must still collect data.



Goal 13: Develop and successfully implement collaborative partnerships with area high schools to achieve outcomes associated with VCCS math and the developmental English redesign to ensure alignment at Germanna and analyze effectiveness.

Result: Goal partially achieved: Further meetings with combined faculties needed to advance curriculum integration and bridge courses in mathematics.



Goal 14: Design and implement streamlined, effective Early Alert System. Participate in the use of the early alert system when available.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Germanna had to delay design and implementation of an Early Alert System to await the VCCS decision on which software to purchase. VCCS selected Starfish this spring.



Goal 15: Provide intensive professional development opportunities for faculty teaching developmental courses. Develop a supportive plan for Germanna faculty and analyze results.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Germanna has increased professional development opportunities. Results need to be analyzed.



Goal 16: Continue to explore the use of technologies to support effective teaching and improved student learning by (1) analyzing the results of the use of iPads and (2) making good use of the new Information Commons.

Result: Goal achieved. Germanna has implemented new technologies and continues to explore additional uses.



Goal 17: Germanna will collaborate with the task force as appropriate while continuing to explore other alternatives to traditional textbooks. Participate in this initiative as requested and required.

Result: Goal partially achieved. One Germanna faculty member received a Chancellor’s OER grant for an ENG 112 course to be offered in Fall 2013. This course will serve as a model for additional courses.



Goal 18: Provide support for and data to inform the Apprentice Related Instruction initiative.

Result: Goal achieved. Germanna provided support for and data to inform this initiative.



Goal 19: Increase job placement rates by On-Ramp participants.




Goal 20: Support Credit and Noncredit credential attainment by dislocated workers.




Goal 21: Continue to promote the CRCs despite resistance from employers.

Result: Goal achieved: As of March 31, 2013 Germanna has rewarded 131 CRCs. Other promotional efforts include: Updated marketing materials, hosted webinar for local chamber of commerce and area businesses, provided CRC presentation to local educational community, and currently coordinating with community partners to provide additional CRC prep and testing sessions.



Goal 22: Respond to VCCS reporting requirements concerning student success measures.

Result: Goal achieved



Goal 23: Serve Employers through College Courses, Programs, and Outreach

A. Increase the number of employers served by GCC credit and noncredit courses, customized training and other outreach by 9%.

Result: Credit: Goal achieved. Non – credit : Goal achieved.

B. Expand awareness of GCC workforce programs through implementation of external outreach plan with minimum of 30 new unserved employers visited.

Result: Goal achieved. Germanna has implemented external outreach of 37 new previously unserved employers.

C. Retain and grow business customers through implementation of external outreach plan with minimum of 20 previously served employers visited.

Result: Goal achieved: AY 2012 = 248 employers served. AY 2013 through March = 373 employers served for at 50% increase.

D. Use creative strategies to increase and renew the workforce faculty pool by 8 instructors with the appropriate skills, knowledge and abilities to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Result: Goal achieved: 23 instructors added.

E. Add 4 new programs/courses to the workforce portfolio of offerings.

Result: Goal achieved. GCC workforce added 28 new programs/courses.




Goal 24: Implement Workforce Enterprise System per VCCS directives/guidelines.

Result: Goal achieved. Workforce staff has been trained and are working with VCCS.




Goal 25: Better coordinate fundraising efforts with efforts to build workforce clients through use of a shared database and though regular meetings of Foundation, Workforce, and President.

Result: Goal achieved.



Goal 26: Secure at least $350,000 in grants to develop and expand workforce and career pathways activities that involve colleges and local workforce partners.

Result: Goal not achieved. Only $45,000 awarded. College will hire full-time grants coordinator.



Goal 27: Identify and participate in opportunities to leverage purchasing volume.

Result: Goal achieved.



Goal 28: Obtain gifts and contributions totaling $1,000,000 of which $375,000 will be unrestricted. Proceed with the major gifts and capital campaign, finalizing a goal of at least $10,000,000, and securing commitments of at least 60% of that goal.

Result: Goal not achieved. While much effort has gone into the campaign, only $200,000 in gifts has so far been achieved.

Management Goals



Goal 29: Per System Office directive and guidance, will execute move of key library services to hosted environment in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of library services. Provide cooperation and support in achieving this goal.

Result: Goal achieved.



Goal 30: Per System Office directive and guidance, will Implement the Finance and Budget component of the Decision Support System.

Result: Goal partially achieved. VCCS committee work still in progress.



Goal 30: GCC will collect and report its progress on Achieve 2015 as part of its quarterly institutional effectiveness updates.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Germanna has included the Achieve 2015 in its new planning software which should help achieve this goal.



Goal 31: Provide cooperation and support in meeting specified academic, administrative, and financial Performance Standards required to receive incentives provided for in the Higher Education Restructuring Act.

Result: Goal achieved. Germanna met financial management standards.



Goal 32: Per System Office directives, implement recommendations of Chancellor’s Re-engineering Task Force as appropriate

Result: Goal in progress. Continue to leverage the system reengineering effort while looking for opportunities to initiate local reengineering of procedures, processes and systems by reviewing at least 20 such at the department and/or college level and making needed adjustments or redesigns as appropriate.



Goal 33: GCC will conduct at least one mock disaster exercise to evaluate its Continuity of Operations Plan. GCC will also rewrite the Emergency Plan and COOP in light of the lessons learned by the earthquake.

Result: Goal achieved. A mock disaster exercise was held in April 2013 at the Fredericksburg Area Campus in partnership with external agencies. The COOP plan has been rewritten informed by lessons learned in the earthquake.



Goal 34: GCC will submit status report on implementation of technology project management standards and guidelines relative to Level 2.

Result: Goal achieved. Germanna is in compliance.



Goal 35: Per System Office directives, assist in development. Support and collaborate in such implementation of Technology Task Force recommendations.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Several initiatives will extend into the 2013-14 year.



Goal 36: Review and implement recommendations from the Adjunct Faculty Task Force to include expanded roles and responsibilities, reclassification, promotion and compensation of adjunct faculty. Develop Germanna’s revised Faculty Evaluation System, consonant with the system plan, and move to implementation.

Result: Goal partially achieved. College task force is nearing completion of policies. Added financial costs have been incorporated in FY 2013-14budget.



Goal 37: Strengthen recruitment, selection and retention practices by applying best principles and expanding participation in the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative.

Result: Goal achieved. We have continued to participate in the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative.



Goal 38: Complete the FY 2013 Internal Audit Plan.




Goal 39: GCC Dashboard

System Goal - GCC is working with the system office



Goal 40 Enhance IE Tracking/Reporting

System Goal - GCC is working with the system office



Goal 41: Review SACS Audit Team finding and make adjustments to ensure timely/accurate submission of Fifth Year Interim Report.

Result: Goal achieved. With the help of the rest of the college, the Office of Planning and Assessment is writing the fifth year interim report due in September 2013. The SACS Audit Team had reviewed every principle covered in the fifth year interim report. As the additional requirements for the Fifth Year Interim Report have become more clear, the SACS Audit Team as made adjustments to its reporting requirements.



Goal 42: Review College’s Threat Assessment procedures and Team and systematize referrals to and agreements with external agencies for psychological/crisis counseling to assure compliance and alignment with good practice. Participate as required.

Result: Goal achieved. New TIPS incident reporting system implemented. MOUs signed with both community services boards.



Goal 43: Provide Legal Services



Goal 43: Provide Legal Services




Goal 45: Continue the planning and development of a Student Success Plan to include the following initiatives (This is a multi-year effort):

A. More coordinated use of co-curricular activities/clubs with classroom

Result: Goal partially achieved. Two student organizations formed to support academic programs.

B. Required experiential learning to give real-world component to every program/curriculum

Result: Goal partially achieved. Germanna has hired a full time internship coordinator. Internships have been added to the Associates of Applied Science in Business Management.

C. Specialized advising program for students on academic probation
Result: Goal partially achieved. As a result of a successful pilot, the FOCUS program for students on Academic Probation will be implemented Fall 2013 semester.. .

D. Implement Annual Welcome Day for new students.

Result: Goal achieved.

E. Mandatory orientation (of some kind) for most students

Result: Goal not achieved.
F. Extended orientation first year experience for most students

Result: Goal not achieved. Online orientation program in development.

G. Mandatory career planning including using the Virginia Wizard for all (non-degree) students.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Almost all Germanna students take an SDV class in which there is mandatory career planning using Virginia Wizard. Now mandatory for at-risk students only through SDV 100 course.

H. Reduced course selection combined with standardized curricula.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Associate degrees, Certificates and Career Study Certificates were all reduced to required range this past year. Sample Class Schedules and Graduation Plans are proposed to assist with the advising of students.

I. Improved faculty mentoring of students.

Result: Goal not achieved. The college continues to look at ways to improve faculty mentoring of students. 

J. Peer mentoring and some role for peers in basic advising

Result: Goal not achieved. A proposal has been submitted to use peer advisors to assist with non-academic advising and new student orientation.

K. Improved advising including some way to reach online registering students
Result: Goal partially achieved, in progress. Tutoring Services won an award at New Horizons using BlackBoard Collaborate to tutor students live online. This same platform is being explored to provide advising for online students.

L. SDV course redesign and requirements based on risk level of student

Result: Goal achieved and in progress.

M. Mandatory midterm and 3rd week grading with entry into SIS

Result: Goal not achieved. Faculty members have been encouraged to report one grade before the day to drop with a refund. The faculty has been encouraged to have two additional grades posted by midterm. IT is looking into reporting mid-term grades.

N. Mandatory attendance reporting first 2 weeks etc.

Result: Goal achieved.

O. Improved adjunct teaching thru professional development & better monitoring

Result: Goal achieved but continuous improvement needed.
P. End of late registration

Result: Goal not achieved. The Student Success Committee is researching the effect late registration has on the academic success of GCC students. Implementation may have to wait until enrollment decline stops.

Q. Better way to achieve higher participation rate on student evaluations and feedback. Begin implementation of specific strategies when possible.

Result: Goal partially achieved. Our fall semester completion rate rose to a high of 55%.



Goal 46: Continue part-time faculty support initiative with exploration of changes to use of part-time faculty including Primary and Secondary teacher roles.

Result: Goal partially achieved. We are in the midst of exploring several structural changes as a result of impacts on this group caused by the Affordable Care Act. Part-time faculty members were also included in our Recognition Awards.



Goal 47: Continue the employee wage compression evaluation and remediation with part-time faculty by December 2012 and then classified staff. Implementation will be budget dependent.

Result: Goal partially achieved, in progress. Classified staff members have been adjusted for compression issues throughout the year based on a job group basis. Part-time faculty members are now being reviewed.



Goal 48: Complete the move into the newly constructed automotive service center in Stafford in time for Fall classes

Result: Goal achieved and enrollment has tripled.



Goal 49: Complete the remediation, repair, remodeling and rejuvenation of the Dickinson Building so that the move back in can occur Fall 2012 and full operations can restart January 2013.

Result: Goal achieved.



Goal 50: Make a five-year college-wide review of progress on college strategic initiatives and Achieve 2015. Make adjustments as needed.

Result: Goal achieved. Adjustments in progress.

Status as of July 18, 2013