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Distance Learning- Blackboard Navigation

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blackboard navigation tutorial
bullet  View a Video of Navigating Blackboard
Blackboard navigation tabs are located at the top within the title banner (pictured above). After logging in to Blackboard, students will see the following tabs:
blackboard navigation tutorial Information on this tab includes links to your online courses, student organizations, college-wide announcements and VCCS resources. Only courses that are available online will be displayed under My Blackboard Courses; see Learn tab for information on finding course schedule information.
blackboard navigation tutorial The Learn tab serves as another portal to your online courses. Announcements, course links, student email and current course schedule are accessible from this tab.
blackboard navigation tutorial The Student Connect tab provides links to your student email account and any student organizations in which you are participating.
blackboard navigation tutorial The Research tab offers links to library resources, web search engines and VCCS resources.
blackboard navigation tutorial The Help tab provides login help information as well as links to Germanna technical support and VCCS resources.
Course Menu
The following serves as an example of possible course menu items you may see in your online course; all items may not appear in every course.
blackboard navigation tutorial Course announcements posted by the instructor and college-wide announcements posted by the Blackboard Administrator.
blackboard navigation tutorial Location of class syllabus and course requirements.
blackboard navigation tutorial Access instructor contact information and office hours.
blackboard navigation tutorial Access to handouts or other relevant course information posted by the instructor.
blackboard navigation tutorial Location of assignments, surveys, and tests in many Blackboard courses.
blackboard navigation tutorial Access to tests and quizzes in many Blackboard courses.
blackboard navigation tutorial Course communications including the discussion board, group pages and class roster (student email addresses and homepages).
tutorial image Direct link to course discussion board.
tutorial image Access to student resources including help desk contact information, online tutorials and online tutoring services.
tutorial image Access to view your grades and to modify personal information.
Breadcrumb Trail
The course breadcrumb trail (pictured below) is located at the top of the course frame directly under the tabs. The purpose of the breadcrumb trial is to allow you to move to a previously selected folder or course area. As you navigate through different course areas, the breadcrumb trail builds; click any of its links to jump back and forth to different course areas.
tutorial image

Thank you to Blue Ridge Community College for the use of this material.