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Distance Learning- Internet Terms

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Attachment: File or files sent with an e-mail message.
Blackboard: Proprietary software used to host online courses; login is required for access.
Bookmarks: A list of saved URL addresses of websites within a browser, also referred to as Favorites.
Browser: Software programs that enable Internet access, ex. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox.
Email: Electronic mail; a system for sending and receiving electronic messages via computer.
ISP: Internet Service Provider; a company that provides Internet connection service.
Modem: Hardware that enables your computer to connect to the Internet through a telephone line. Modem speed is measure in kilobits per second (K or Kbps). A 56 K modem is recommended as a minimum connection speed to the Internet for access to instructional materials on the web.
Resolution: Visual sharpness and clarity of an electronic image; monitor resolution is measured in pixels.
Plug-in: An application which serves in conjunction with another in the proper handling of files, such as sound or video files.
RAM: Random Access Memory; short term memory the computer has to support programs.
URL: Uniform Resource Locator; the address of a website on the internet, ex.
Word processing software: Computer software program used to create and edit text documents.