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Dual Enrollment

dual enrollment

Get an Early Start on Your College Education

Dual Enrollment is an enriching program where high school students take college courses and earn college credit in their own high school. Through Dual Enrollment courses, high school students gain exposure to college academics, learn from instructors with credentials to teach at the college level, have access to Student Resources that facilitate student success, and earn college credit while fulfilling high school graduation requirements!

When students choose Dual Enrollment, the Commonwealth of Virginia benefits from savings in unnecessary duplication of facilities and equipment, too!

Visit The Dual Enrollment Blog for the latest news, outreach opportunities, information on college and career preparation, and more!

Dual Enrollment Information Session Dates, Times, & Locations

Fredericksburg Area Campus in Spotsylvania County:

Monday, February 10, 6:30PM – Room 212, Dickinson Building

Tuesday, February 18, 6PM – Room 212, Dickinson Building

Thursday, February 27, 6:30PM – Room 212, Dickinson Building

Wednesday, March 12, 6PM – Room 212, Dickinson Building

Locust Grove Campus in Orange County:

Thursday, February 20, 6PM – Room 302

Monday, March 3, 6:30PM – Room 305

Joseph R. Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper County:

Wednesday, February 26, 6PM – Room 104B

Tuesday, March 4, 6PM – Room 104B

Stafford Center in Stafford County:

Monday, March 10, 6PM – Room 101

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

Students who take Dual Enrollment courses enjoy many benefits. Studies show that students who acquire college credits while still in high school are more likely to continue their education beyond high school. Other benefits include:

  • Earn college credit at the same time as high school credit.
  • Become familiar with college application and enrollment processes.
  • Learn from Dual Enrollment instructors who have the credentials to teach at the college level.
  • Gain early exposure to the academic rigors of a college level course at your own high school.
  • Access GCC Student Resources which can facilitate your academic success in college courses.
  • Earn college credit based on academic performance throughout the semester, instead of one test.
  • Transfer applicable college credit to all Virginia community colleges and most 4-year colleges and universities.

What courses are offered through Germanna's Dual Enrollment Program?

Germanna Community College and the high school determine classes that are offered each semester as Dual Enrollment courses. Typically, Dual Enrollment classes offered would be courses taken during a student's first year of college. Dual Enrollment courses are listed in each high school's Program of Studies.

Individual colleges and universities make final determinations of transfer of credits. Students should check with the institution they are planning to attend regarding transferability of credits. A small number of Dual Enrollment courses, especially in occupational-technical programs such as Early Childhood Development, Information Technology, Computer Assisted Drafting, and Horticulture, are not intended for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

For more information on how Dual Enrollment credits transfer, consult Germanna's Transfer Elective List. For more information on how credits earned through Dual Enrollment apply to Germanna's degree and certificate programs, consult the GCC Catalog and Student Handbook.

Recent Course Offerings Include:

  • ADJ 100—Survey of Criminal Justice
  • ADJ 110—Intro to Law Enforcement
  • BIO 101 & 102—General Biology I & II
  • BIO 141 & 142—Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • BUS 100—Introduction to Business
  • CAD 151—Engineering Drawing Fundamentals I
  • CAD 201 & 202—Computer Aid Drafting and Design I & II
  • CHD 120—Intro to Early Childhood Education
  • CHM 111 & 112—College Chemistry I & II
  • CST 110—Intro to Communication
  • ENG 111 & 112—College Composition I & II
  • HIS 121 & 122—US History I & II
  • HUM 100—Survey of the Humanities
  • ITN 154—Network Fundamentals
  • ITN 155—Introductory Routing
  • MTH 163 & 164—Pre-Calculus I & II
  • MTH 173 & 174—Calculus w/ Analytical Geometry I & II
  • MTH 240—Statistics
  • PHY 201 & 202—General College Physics I & II
  • PLS 135 & 136—American National Politics & State and Local Politics
  • PLS 211 & 212—U.S. Government & State and Local Government
  • PNE 161—Nursing in Health Changes I
  • PSY 200—Principles of Psychology
  • SDV 100—Student Development
  • SDV 110—Student Development-Orientation to Teaching/Teachers for Tomorrow

Don't see the class you want? Please let your school administration know if you are interested in more DE offerings.

How does a Dual Enrollment course differ from an Advanced Placement (AP) course?

  • A Dual Enrollment course is a college class taught by an instructor who has the degree and credentials to teach at a community college.
  • Upon successful completion of a Dual Enrollment course, a student is awarded college credit as well as high school credit. A high school transcript and a college transcript are separately generated for each school.

Five Steps to Becoming a Dual Enrollment Student

  1. Discuss Dual Enrollment opportunities with your high school counselor, and obtain permission to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses.
  2. Complete the GCC Online Application for Admission by your high school's deadline.
  3. Take the College Readiness Assessment at your high school, or submit qualifying SAT/ACT scores for review to your high school counselor, by the deadline.
  4. Register for classes at your high school by the deadline. Submit the GCC registration form to your high school counselor.
  5. Pay tuition to your high school by the deadline. Check with your high school counselor for current tuition rates and due dates for your high school.

For more details on completing the enrollment process, see your high school counselor and consult the Steps for Dual Enrollment.

Course Grades and College Transcripts

Final grades for Germanna courses are not mailed. Dual Enrollment students can view their final grades by logging onto their MyGCC SIS (student information system) account. View instructions for looking up grades in SIS here.

Dual Enrollment students who plan to enroll at Germanna full-time after high school must submit a Change Form to indicate a change in curriculum, i.e., from Dual Enrollment to their intended degree program. Prospective full-time Germanna students should also visit Transfer Admissions to learn more about Germanna's Guaranteed Admissions Agreements.

In order for credits earned through Dual Enrollment coursework to be transferred to another college or university, students must submit a Transcript Request to Germanna. This can be done either online through the (MyGCC SIS or by submitting a Transcript Request Form to Germanna's Admissions and Records office. Dual Enrollment students are advised to wait to request transcripts until final grades are entered (five to ten business days after final exams).