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Financial Aid- Refund Checks

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Your Student Center> View Financial Aid will show your Financial Aid Award listing the dollar amounts that you will receive if you are a full-time student. The dollar amounts for most financial aid awards will be adjusted each semester depending on the number of credits in which you enroll.

After enrollment has been confirmed, bookstore charge reconcilliation and all adjustments to aid based on actual enrollment, the Financial Aid Office begins disbursing aid to the Business Office. The Business Office generates refund checks to students within 14 days as required by federal regulation. After the first round of disbursements is sent to the Business Office, aid for late applicants is disbursed on a weekly basis throughout the remainder of the semester/aid year.

Which programs are adjusted?
Pell Grant is normally adjusted according to the chart below.. Some students will be eligible for Pell Grant if enrolled less than half time. Students with high EFC numbers may not be eligible for Pell Grant if enrolled less than full time.

VGAP awards are for full-time students only and will be cancelled if you are not enrolled at full time.

Commonwealth Grant, SEOG Grant, VCCS Grant and Federal Direct Student Loansrequires that students are enrolled in at least half time. Awards will be cancelled for students in less than 6 credits.

Work Study and Germanna Work Study awards are normally not adjusted but will be cancelled if students are not enrolled at least half time.

PTAP (Part Time Tuition Assistance Program) awards are for students enrolled for 1 - 6 credits. This award will be cancelled for students who are not enrolled for 1 - 6 credits.

Number of Credits   Enrollment Level   Percent of Full Time Award
12 or more   Full time   100%
9 - 11   Three quarter time   75%
6 - 8   Half time   50%
5 or less   Less than half time   0%

Receiving Your Financial Aid Grants

  1. You may use your grant(s) and scholarship(s) to pay your tuition and fees as outlined in the Awards Terms and Conditions found on your Student Center>To Do List.
  2. Grants and most scholarships may also be used to purchase books and supplies at the Germanna bookstore on either campus. Students who have funds remaining after tuition is deducted may use the remaining financial aid to purchase books and supplies at the Germanna bookstore on either campus. Books and supplies may be purchased during designated periods only and are subject to a $1500 limit per semester.
  3. If your financial aid does not cover all of your tuition, fess or books, you must pay the difference.
  4. A check will be issued to you following payment of tuition, fees and books if there is a grant or scholarship balance in your in your account. Please note that GGP recipients do not receive balance checks. Checks will be mailed to the address on file with the Admissions & Records Office, so please make sure your address is correct.
  5. Anticipated Awards assume full-time enrollment. If you enroll for less than full time your financial aid may be reduced.
NOTE: If you charge or receive grant funds for a class in which you fail to establish attendance, you will be responsible for repayment of any resulting over award.

Receiving College Work-Study Funds

  1. Students working in the College Work-Study Program are paid on a bi-weekly payroll. Work-study student time is due in the Financial Aid Office by 10:00 a.m. on the Friday following the last day of the pay period.
  2. The Pay Schedule indicates the dates that your time is due in the HRMS system, pay periods covered, and the pay dates. All work-study students and their supervisors are given a copy of the pay period schedules at Work-study orientation.
  3. Work study pay is processed by Direct Deposit or EPPI Card.

Receiving Alternative Loan Funds

In many cases the borrower applies through the lender's web site and the application is certified by the Financial Aid Office.   The loan check is sent to the college once the loan is approved and the college applies the loan to the student's tuition and fees balance before distributing the loan funds to the student, and after enrollment has been verified.  Any refund due to the student from an alternative student loan will be delivered to the student by mail to the address on file with the Admissions & Records Office. In some cases the loan check is sent directly from the lender to the student.