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About GCC- Who We Are

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Who We Are

As a public, comprehensive community college, Germanna provides accessible, quality educational and training opportunities that meet our communities’ changing learning needs.


As a public, comprehensive community college, Germanna provides accessible, quality educational and training opportunities that meet our communities’ changing learning needs.

The Mission is achieved through:

  • courses, programs, and services that enable students to gain access to and succeed in higher education;
  • associate degrees and courses that prepare students to advance and to succeed in four year colleges and universities;
  • training and services to develop successful employees who meet employers’ specific needs;
  • training, associate degrees, and certificates for students to enter and succeed in the workplace; and
  • services and support for community and economic development. .


Germanna Community College is recognized as the region’s leader and preferred partner providing excellence in accessible educational opportunities and related services to our communities. Our quality learning experiences enable students to participate effectively in the social, economic, political, intellectual, and cultural life of their communities. Germanna, a dynamic learning organization, is the premier gateway to personal and community development.


Our values influence our thoughts, guide our decisions, mold our policies, and help determine our course of action. Student learning and success are at the heart of all that we do and are demonstrated by:

Passion for learning and teaching: We demonstrate our commitment to the belief that everyone can learn. Although at different rates and in different ways, all learners can learn if we challenge, support, and believe in them through everything we do and in every decision we make.

Integrity: We are true to our mission, to our values, to our learners, to our communities, and to each other. We say what we mean and we do what we say. We admit our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions.

Culture of service: We are dedicated to serving the educational and training needs of our students and communities. Our individual wants are secondary to the mission we serve.

Excellence: We seek to achieve excellence and to foster and develop excellence in our learners. We continuously improve our teaching and organizational systems and processes. We embody a culture of evidence and make decisions using that evidence.

Professionalism: We exhibit the skill, competence, and character expected of educational professionals.

Stewardship: We practice servant leadership. We effectively manage and maintain the resources in our care. We uphold the responsibility placed on us as teachers and supporters of teachers of the current and future citizens of our service area, our commonwealth, and our nation.

Respect: We treat our students, our stakeholders, our resources and each other with courtesy and respect. We respect each other enough to speak truths and have courageous conversations, and we do so with civility.

Image of FAC Campus

Fredericksburg Area Campus

10000 Germanna Point Drive

Fredericksburg, VA


PHONE: 540-891-3000

FAX: 540-891-3092

Image of LGC Campus

Locust Grove Campus

2130 Germanna Highway

Locust Grove, VA


PHONE: 540-891-3000

FAX: 540-727-3207

Image of Stafford Campus

Stafford County Center

2761 Jefferson Davis Highway Suite 107

Stafford, VA 22554

PHONE: 540-288-8830

FAX: 540-658-1205

Image of DTC Campus

Daniel Technology Center

18121 Technology Drive

Culpeper, VA 22701

Instruction: 540-937-2900

Workforce: 540-937-2915

FAX: 540-937-2918

Image of ATC Campus

Automotive Technology Center

42 BlackJack Road

Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Phone: 540-834-1978

Image of CP Office

Central Park

1320 Central Park Blvd

Ste 106

Fredericksburg, VA 22401