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Disability Services- Grievance Procedures

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A student with a documented disability shall have an internal means of resolving any claim of discrimination on the basis of disability in the programs or activities of the College.

Any student with a documented disability who has requested reasonable accommodations through the Special Needs Counselor and feels that accommodations provided were inappropriate or that they have been denied access to programs and services offered by the College may submit a written statement to the ADA Compliance Coordinator within 20 calendar days of the alleged violation. The ADA Compliance Coordinator is located in the Counseling Center at the Fredericksburg Area Campus.

At level one of the grievance, the ADA Compliance Coordinator may choose to resolve the complaint informally by consulting with the appropriate instructor, appropriate Vice President for Academic Services, Coordinator of Disability Services, and/or the Dean of Instruction. If the ADA Compliance Coordinator is unable to resolve the grievance at level one, he/she may submit the student's grievance to the Committee for Student and Employee Access. The ADA Compliance Coordinator has ten calendar days to respond in writing to inform the student of the resolution of the grievance at the first level or to inform the student the grievance has been referred to the Committee for Student and Employee Access.

At the second level, the Committee for Student and Employee Access shall investigate complaints submitted by the ADA Compliance Coordinator and shall respond in writing to the student within 10 calendar days. During the investigation, accommodations will be provided to the student based on the recommendation of the Special Needs Counselor. The student has five calendar days to appeal the Committee's decision in writing to the President of the College, which is the third and final level of the internal grievance process.

The President will issue a written decision within ten calendar days of receipt of the appeal letter from the student. Decisions of the President are final and any further appeal must be pursued through external channels.

Appeals processed through this policy cannot be heard under any general grievance procedure.

At any level, both parties may request an extension of time in writing. Both parties must agree to the extension.

The ADA Compliance Coordinator shall maintain records of all grievance proceedings and informal all persons involved of the results within ten days of the President's decision.

Fredericksburg Area Campus/Stafford CenterĀ 

Win Stevens

Coordinator of Disability Services

Ph: (540) 891-3019

Fax: (540) 891 - 3092

Locust Grove Campus/Daniel Technology CenterĀ 

Alison Grimes

Disability Counselor

Ph: (540) 423-9140

Fax: (540) 423-9136