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Counseling Center- Transfer Guides

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All 4-year public institutions in Virginia (and many of Virginia's private colleges) publish a "Transfer Guide" for VCCS students. Transfer Guides help you select courses at Germanna that will count toward your 4-year college degree.

Your goal is to select courses at Germanna that meet general education requirements, count toward your intended major, or transfer in as elective credit at your 4-year institution. The term "equivalencies" means that a course at Germanna is considered "equal" to a course at your prospective 4-year school.

You are assured that your Germanna coursework will not have to be repeated at the college to which you are transferring.

Counseling Contact Information

Fredericksburg Area Campus

Ph: (540) 891-3020

Fax: (540) 891-3092


Locust Grove Campus

Ph: (540) 423-9123

Fax: (540) 423-9136