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System Information

admissions background
Blackboard - System up and active with no problems to report.
SIS - See below announcement about availability on 9/13/2014-9/14/2014.
Student Email - System up and active with no problems to report.
Office 365 Portal - Some students are not able to log in to the Office 365 site where they can download and install Office 365 Pro Plus. As a temporary work-around, Microsoft technical support instructed that if students change their password, they should be able to access the Office site. If you cannot access the site, first try to change your password.
Mainframe - System up and active with no problems to report.
9/13/2014 from 8pm -9/14-2014 at 11am - Students and staff will not be able to access SIS/HR, mobile SIS, our Online Application for Admission, SIS archive.

Additionally, the following external systems will be affected:

  • The ImageNow integration will be unavailable during the upgrade time period.
  • All SIS/HR interfaces will be inactive during the upgrade time period.
  • Normal
    Thursday 12:01 AM - 4:00 AM is the weekly maintenance window for maintenance and upgrades to VCCS enterprise systems and applications. During this window one should anticipate that one or more of the following applications may not be available: SIS, Blackboard, Student Email(GMail), MyVCCS, Online Application, Resource 25 application, Audio/Video bridge.