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Testing Services- Faculty Resources

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Germanna Community College's Distance Learning Department provides testing services for faculty in the Testing Service Centers at Locust Grove Campus or Fredericksburg Area Campus. Faculty are encouraged to remind the students of the required documentation needed when utilizing the Testing Services to complete an exam. Faculty should also review the faculty guidelines. If the student wishes to change the location of a test, they must contact the appropriate faculty member to have it moved. Germanna Community College Testing Services reserves the right to refuse any tests if they are not able to accommodate instructor's test requirements.

Reminders for Students:
Remind students that before taking a test cell phones (as well as any electronic devices) are to be turned off and placed in the available storage area, or in the provided lockers along with your personal items. However for security it is recommended belongings [cell phones, calculator, etc.] be locked in your vehicle.
Remind students they should have their student ID number and a valid photo ID when they come to Testing Services to take any test.

Please contact Technical Services: If you will be using Internet software for administration of an exam for your students please contact Technical Services and let them know so any additional plugins, and/or configurations are made to the testing services computers

Forms and Guidelines: