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Computer Competency Review

Question 1:
Which of the following is the largest file size?
  A.   144 Kb
  B.   1.44 MB
  C.   1,052 KB
  D.   640 Bytes
  E.   1.44 GB

Question 2:
From the list below, which software is the best choice for creating a bar graph from sales data?
  A.   Microsoft Excel
  B.   Microsoft Access
  C.   Microsoft Outlook
  D.   Microsoft Windows XP
  E.   Microsoft Sales-Graph Plus

Question 3:
Scanners, digital cameras, keyboards, mice and microphones are all examples of which type of device?
  A.   Incoming Devices
  B.   Outgoing Devices
  C.   System Boot Devices
  D.   Input Devices
  E.   Output Devices

Question 4:
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Internet Explorer are all examples of:
  A.   Input Devices
  B.   Output Devices
  C.   Software
  D.   Hardware
  E.   Web Servers

Question 5:
From the list below, which software is the best choice for creating a database of a college? The database needs to have separate tables for students, classes, faculty, finances, etc…
  A.   Microsoft Access
  B.   Microsoft Excel
  C.   Microsoft Word
  D.   Microsoft PowerPoint
  E.   Microsoft Office Student Edition

Question 6:
The CPU is the __________ and the speed in which it executes instructions is measured in __________.
  A.   Central Processing Unit; Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz)
  B.   Computer Package Unit; kilobits per second (kbps)
  C.   Main component of a computer; miles per hour (mph)
  D.   Component Power Unit; documents per minute (dpm)
  E.   Computing Pseudo-Unit; kilometers per hour (kmph)

Question 7:
A 3.5” floppy disk, a 5.25” floppy disk, Zip Disk, Flash Drive, and writeable CD/DVDs are all what type of computer component?
  A.   Input Devices
  B.   Output Devices
  C.   Storage Medium and Devices
  D.   Virtual Memory
  E.   Software

Question 8:
Which of the following best describes a file extension?
  A.   The size in kilobytes (KB) of a file
  B.   The property settings of a file
  C.   Microsoft XPs ability to accept spaces and certain punctuation characters in the name of a file
  D.   The phone-line extension number for technical support with a file
  E.   A sequence of characters following the name of a file that indicate which program is associated with the file and what type of data is contained within the file

Question 9:
Which of the following best describes a URL?
  A.   Uniform Resource Locator; The digital address of a website on the internet; it contains the server name, the directory, and the individual documents being viewed
  B.   University Research Laboratory, the room in which the internet is contained
  C.   Unix Request Location; the operating system used to control and configure web pages
  D.   The name of a popular search engine and website
  E.   URL, pronounced “Earl”, that one neighbor that will not trim the hedges and trees in his yard that are interfering with your satellite internet

Question 10:
Which of the following optical data discs is an acronym for Rewritable Digital Video Discs?
  A.   CD-R
  B.   CD-RW
  C.   DVD-ROM
  D.   DVD+R
  E.   DVD-RW