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Business Office - Business Meals

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Generally, meal expenses must involve an overnight stay to qualify for reimbursement. In these instances, the traveler must adhere to the travel regulations outlined in the CAPP Manual Topic 20335: State Travel Regulations (page 29) andGCC Travel Policy. The exception involves Business Meals for the purpose of discussing official College business. Meals for family members, spouses, etc. are not allowed. The allowable amount for business meals cannot exceed the amounts listed on the Lodging and M&IE Rate Table in Capp Manual topic 20335, excluding the incidental allowance. To determine which rate to use go to pages 22-23 to see if the city is listed in the table where the business meal is taking place. If the city is not listed in the table then you must use the Standard In-State rate per day, per person. Then go to page 19 and find the column in the table that pertains to your rate.

Such meals occur while the individual is on official business and Business Meals Form must be complete with the following:

  • Agency Head or designee approval
  • Agenda or memo detailing substantive and bona fide business discussions
  • The original, itemized receipt showing all items purchased for the meal (credit card slips with only a total are not acceptable)..
  • List of all persons involved in the meal and the reason for the meal. If the reimbursement is for a group of conference participants, identify the number of people fed and explanation of additional meals, if necessary (ex. coverage of walk-ins)
  • Delivery costs and a reasonable tip are reimbursable as long as the total cost does not exceed the allowable per diem for the meal.
  • No alcohol will be reimbursed with State funds