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Business Office - CR Facts Terms

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Payment Plan Brochure

E-Cashier Automatic Payment Plan

Offered Through Nelnet Business Solutions

(Formerly FACTS Management Co)

All students must accept the following terms and conditions to qualify for the


  1. I understand I must register for classes first and then enroll in E-Cashier before the next payment deadline.
  2. I am responsible for notifying the Germanna Community College Business Office about any change in my class enrollment so my agreement can be adjusted or terminated. All changes must be submitted in writing/email to
  3. I understand that the down payment and enrollment fee must be available at the time of registration with FACTS, and if I default with my E-Cashier payments at any time my agreement can be terminated and my classes will be dropped unless the balance is paid in full at a campus business Office by the payment deadline date.
  4. I understand that my agreement will not be automatically adjusted if financial aid is awarded after enrolling in the E-Cashier payment plan. A change request must be submitted in writing/email to
  5. I understand the refund of payments from the E-Cashier due to dropping a class or classes by the appropriate date will not be issued until 75 days from the last day to drop a class with a refund.
  6. I will read, understand and comply with the additional Terms and Conditions provided by Nelnet Business Solutions (formerly FACTS Management Co) prior to enrolling in the E-Cashier tuition payment plan.
  7. I understand that my balance in the Student Information System will not reflect the payments I have made to FACTS until such time as FACTS remits payment to Germanna Community College, approximately 45 days after the guarantee date. A service indicator will be placed on my account to hold my classes.
  8. I understand that I am responsible for dropping my classes in a timely manner in order to receive a refund for payments made to the payment plan.

Student enrolling in E-Cashier after the deferred payment date MUST do so by 4:00PM to hold their classes. If classes are dropped due to a delayed enrollment in E-Cashier, we will attempt to re-enroll the student, but we cannot guarantee availability of space in classes.