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Business Office

business office

The Business Office provides support services for the college community in the areas of procurement, accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting, cashiering, student financials, investment management, inventory of physical assets, budgeting and budgetary control, and accounting services with appropriate internal controls to ensure that all sources of funds -- federal, state, and local -- are properly accounted.

Current Solicitations

No Current Solicitations.

Contact Information for the Business Office

Finance Manager

Jason Davis

(540) 423-9035

Procurement Manager

Terri Givler

(540) 423-9881

Procurement Officer

Lynn Lineberger

(540) 423-9880

Senior Accountant

Nancy Smith

(540) 423-9175

Disbursements Accountant

Diane Woodson

(540) 423- 9034

Student Receivables Accountant

Melissa Sloan

(540) 423-9036

Third Party Receivables Accountant

Marion Wilkinson

(540) 834-1021

Student Financial Supervisor Laura McDonald (540) 891-3001


Student Financial Specialist

Lauren Henson

(540) 423-9033

Student Financial Specialist

Gail Banks (540)891-3029