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AdministrationPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
College Organization ChartHuman Resources ManagerNov 2012
Environmental Sustainability10210Vice President for Administrative ServicesOct-10
Facilities Naming Policy & Guidelines10220VP IA6/29/12
Freedom of Information ActExecutive Assistant to the President4/2/2014
Fund-Raising & Canvassing by Student & Community Groups10160VP IA and Dean of Student DevelopmentOct-01
Guidelines for Award of Germanna Guarantee Scholarships10170VP IA and Dean of Enrollment ServicesSep-04
Mass Email to Students10190Director of Marketing and Public InformationJan-06
Mission, Vision & Values of GCCDirector of Marketing and Public Information4/17/2014
Public Information10180Director of Marketing and Public InformationApril-07
Scheduling & Staffing GuidelinesMemoVice President for Administrative ServicesFeb-01
Employee and Student RightsPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Access & Grievance Policy for Individuals with DisabilitiesCatalogCoordinator of Counseling Services4/11/2013
Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities80100Coordinator of Counseling Services4/11/2013
Affirmative Action PlanHuman Resources ManagerMar-03
HIV Infection PolicyCatalogHuman Resources Manager4/11/2013
NondiscriminationCatalogHuman Resources Manager4/17/2014
Service Animals80220Coordinator of Counseling Services4/11/2013
Sexual Harassment & Sexual MisconductCatalogHuman Resources Manager4/11/2013
Student Rights & ResponsibilitiesCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Facilities ManagementPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Extension Cord Use20020Facilities ManagerJul-02
Key Control20040Facilities ManagerOct-02
Lockout/Tag-out Procedures20050Facilities ManagerJul-02
Non-Capital Construction, Renovation and Repair of College-Owned Facilities20030Facilities ManagerAug-02
Open Flame Policy10150Security/Safety ManagerMar-09
ParkingCatalogVice President for Administrative Services 4/17/2014
Smoking PolicyCatalogVice President for Administrative Services 4/11/2013
Use of College Facilities20010Vice President for Administrative Services June 08
Financial ManagementPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Acceptance of Personal Gifts30303Financial Services CoordinatorFebruary 08
Bank Accounts30301Financial Services CoordinatorFebruary 08
Budget Development30300Vice President for Administrative Services Nov-06
Cash Management30302Financial Services CoordinatorOct-02
Contracts31000Vice President for Administrative ServicesJun-09
Disbursements - Prompt Pay30309Financial Services CoordinatorAug-02
Equipment Trust Fund30920Financial Services CoordinatorFebruary 08
Financial Accounting30100Vice President for Administrative ServicesAug-01
Internal Controls30210Vice President for Administrative ServicesAug-01
Inventory of Equipment30940Financial Services CoordinatorMar-05
Investment Policy30950Vice President for Administrative ServicesMay-02
Meals and Catering30802Financial Services CoordinatorMar-05
Minority-Owned, Women-Owned & Small Business Owned30901Financial Services CoordinatorAug-07
Purchasing30120Financial Services CoordinatorAug-07
Receiving Goods and Services30941Financial Services CoordinatorMar-05
Small Purchase Charge Card30910Procurement OfficerApril 07
Surplus Property30945Financial Services CoordinatorMar-05
Travel Charge Card30801Financial Services CoordinatorAug-04
Travel Policy30800Financial Services CoordinatorApr-03
Wireless Stipend FormVice President of Administrative Services5/16/11
Wireless Stipend Policy31100Vice President for Administrative Services11/9/2010
Human ResourcesPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Alternate Work Arrangements40260Human Resources ManagerApr 09
Compensatory and Overtime Leave Policy40120Human Resources ManagerSep-06
Dress Code40200Human Resources ManagerJuly-08
Educational Aid Reimbursement and Continuous Learning FormHuman Resources ManagerJune 08
Educational Aid Reimbursement and Continuous Learning Policy40130Human Resources ManagerJune 08
Educational Aid Reimbursement and Continuous Learning Procedures40130Human Resources ManagerJune 08
Employee Access to Non-Credit Classes40170Vice President of WorkforceFeb-07
Employee HandbookHuman Resources ManagerSep-05
Employee Recognition & Rewards Program40160Human Resources ManagerFeb-07
Employee Recognition Nomination Form40160Human Resources ManagerJuly-12
In-Band Adjustments for Classified Staff40190Human Resources ManagerAug-01
Pre-employment Reference and Background Investigation40230Human Resources ManagerJan 2010
Recruitment and Selection40180Human Resources ManagerMay 2011
Return to Work Program40220Human Resources ManagerSep-01
Staff Professional Development40240Human Resources ManagerOct-03
Travel Reimbursement for Faculty-Ranked Applicants40280Human Resources ManagerJan 2010
Volunteers and Student Interns40270Human Resources ManagerMarch 2010
Whistleblower Policy40250Director of Organizational Planning and AssessmentOct-08
InstructionPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Computer Competency RequirementsInstructor4/11/2013
Distance Learning Certification Policy 60180Dean of Distance Learning7/27/2012
Email Policy60100Dean of Distance LearningOct-03
Employee Access to Non-Credit Classes40170Vice President of WorkforceFEB 07
Minors Taking Noncredit Classes60140Vice President of WorkforceNov-00
Nursing and Health Technology Programs HandbookDean of Nursing & Health TechnologiesJuly 2009
Nursing Program Student HandbookDean of Nursing & Health TechnologiesSept 2008
Professor Emeritus Appointment Policy60160Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student SeMay 2009
Substantive Change Policy and Procedures60150Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student SeFebruary 08
Safety and SecurityPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Alcohol Policy70110Facilities Manager4/11/2013
Animals on Campus030606Facilities Manager4/17/2014
Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan70200Security/Safety Manager7/1/2013
Chemical Hygiene Plan70190Facilities ManagerFeb 2007
Emergency Closing & Inclement Weather70140Vice President for Administrative Services4/11/2013
Hazard Communication70210Safety and Security Manager6/23/11
Procedures for Handling Emergency SituationsFacilities ManagerOct 2007
Substance AbuseCatalogFacilities Manager4/11/2013
Weapons PolicyCatalogChief of Police4/11/2013
Workplace Violence70180Facilities ManagerFeb 2007
Student ServicesPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Academic HonestyCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Access & Grievance for Individuals with DisabilitiesCatalogCoordinator of Counseling Services4/11/2013
Access to Student RecordsCatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
Admission of Sex Offenders80300Dean of Student Services4/11/2013
Campus DemonstrationsCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Changes to Official Student RecordCatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
Children on CampusCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Domicile Appeals ProcessCatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
Facsimile DocumentsCatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
Fund-Raising by Students or Student OrganizationsCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
High School / Home School Student AdmissionCatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
HIV Infection PolicyCatalogHuman Resources Manager4/11/2013
Notification of Rights Under FERPACatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
Retention of Student RecordsCatalogRegistrar4/11/2013
Satisfactory Progress Standards for Financial Aid Recipients80150Financial Aid Coordinator4/11/2013
Sexual Harassment & Sexual MisconductCatalogHuman Resources Manager4/11/2013
Student Grievance ProceduresCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Student HandbookCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Student PublicationsCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Student Rights & ResponsibilitiesCatalogDean of Student Services4/11/2013
Technical ServicesPolicy#Point of ContactDate Revised
Computer & Network SecurityTechnical Support Services ManagerJul-04
GCC Privacy PolicyTechnical Support Services ManagerDec-00
Information & Technology Access Control50150Vice President for Administrative ServicesAug-01
Information Technology EthicsCatalogTechnical Support Services Manager4/17/2014
Responsible Use of Computers & Network SystemsCatalogTechnical Support Services Manager4/17/2014
SIS Access50160Technical Support Services ManagerFeb-06
Technology PlanTechnical Support Services ManagerAug 09
VCCS Computer Ethics GuidelinesCatalogTechnical Support Services Manager4/17/2014

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