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Welcome to the Technology Services Home Page!!

The mission of Technical Services is to provide information technology resources that support and enhance the mission and activities of Germanna Community College

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Thank you for visiting Germanna Community College's Technical Services Department. These resources will assist you in ensuring that you safely and properly use the technology available.


    A few quick tips...
  • Save Often!
  • Use your H Drive this is always backed up
  • Do NOT open suspicious e-mails
  • If you are not sure - Ask Us!

RecommendationsTech Services Recommendations and Software used on our website

Microsoft Internet Explorer   :: Microsoft's Internet Explorer - Latest version is 9
logo   :: Bing Browser - Microsoft's Search Engine
Microsoft Windows Update   :: Microsoft's Windows Update - Update Regularly!

:: Windows Media Player - Latest version is 12


logo   :: Microsoft Office - Latest version is 2010
logo   :: Apple Quicktime - Latest Version 7
Google Search Engine   :: Google Search Engine - Find information and more!
Adobe Acrobat Reader   :: Adobe Acrobat - Create and Edit PDF's
Adobe Acrobat Reader   :: Adobe Reader - Read and Open PDF files
logo   :: Adobe Flash - Play Flash Videos
logo4   :: Real Player- Media Player