Becoming A Germanna Student

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Are You Germanna Ready?

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The best way to prepare for college is to develop strong foundations in math and English. Math, reading and writing skills are the building blocks for successful learning and understanding in all academic areas. Whether your goal is to become a lawyer, a business executive, an architect or a scientist, a solid base in math and English will not only make your college coursework easier and more enjoyable, but will help you develop the knowledge and skills you will need for your future career success. Updated math and English requirements better prepare GCC students for higher education and an increasingly competitive job market.

Why Be College Ready

  • Save Time

    Students who are college ready save 1-2 semesters of coursework in math and English and enter directly into college credit courses.

  • Save Money

    Students who are college ready save 1-17 credit hours of course work, resulting in a savings of over $2550.00

    Students save an average of $14,700 by completing two years at GCC + two years at a public 4-Year Institution

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  • Enjoy Success

    College graduates earn higher salaries and enjoy a higher rate of employment

    Scholarships & Financial Aid

Getting College Ready

Build Confidence With Practice