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Becoming A Germanna Student

Are You Germanna Ready? - Getting Placement Test Ready

admissions background

Are you Ready for the Placement Test?

GCC Testing Center

Prepare for your testing by checking testing center hours and testing requirements.

View Placement Testing Website

VPT Placement Test Information

(VPT) Information Handout

This document provides some basic information about each placement test and its structure in addition to providing some resource links for each test.

Online Virginia Placement Test – Practice Test

VPT practice directions

This practice test gives you an opportunity to experience the look and feel of the VPT.

*Your placement scores will be uploaded into the Student Information System within 24 hours of testing completion at which time you can self-register for classes.

*If you wish to enroll in a course prior to your scores being uploaded, you can complete a registration form and provide your printed results to the Welcome Center, to your academic advisor, or to the Counseling Office for assistance in registering for your classes.