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Teaching Learning

awards and recognition

*Application must be submitted by the candidate

Question 1

In the space provided below, please provide the title of your teaching innovation and a brief abstract of the innovative teaching initiative that you wish to accomplish during the upcoming academic year.

Question 2

In the space provided below, please discuss the background leading to your proposed project, your major research question(s), how you propose to answer the question(s) or solve the problems(s), and the rationale.

Question 3

In the space provided below, please list the steps involved in your project and include a projected timeline of activities.

Question 4

In the space provided below, please provide a cost outline/budget that clearly supports the methodology section (above) of your proposal. Funding will be provided for approved reimbursable expenses only. Be specific about the dollar amount of each item requested and provide information as to how you derived the estimated cost, e.g. vendor quotes, business office estimates, catalog research, etc. The maximum award for expenses is $5000.)

Question 5

How does this project align with your student learning outcomes? Explain how you will assess these outcomes. (Consult Institutional Research as needed to develop reliable and valid assessment methods.

Question 6

In the space below, please explain the anticipated outcomes and benefits of the innovative teaching project.

Question 7

In the space provided below, please explain how this project supports the strategic goals and mission of the college.

Question 8

Please explain how you plan to share your project findings with colleagues inside and outside the college. Suggestions include College Learning Day, New Horizons, Peer Group opportunities and discipline specific state and national conferences.