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Academic Information

Academic Calendar

The College operates on a semester system with a Fall and Spring semester and Summer terms. The College calendar is published in the Catalog and Student Handbook, the Schedule of Classes, and the College’s web site: www.germanna.edu.

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Academic Degrees and Certificates

The following academic degrees or certificates are offered upon successful completion of approved programs at the College.

An Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree (AA&S) is awarded to students who complete requirements in specialized curricula such as: Business Administration, Education, General Studies, Liberal Arts, and Science. This degree is appropriate for those students who plan to transfer to four-year institutions after completing a program of study at Germanna.

An Associate of Science (AS) is awarded to students who complete requirements in Engineering. This degree is appropriate for those students who plan to transfer to four-year institutions after completing the Engineering program at Germanna.

An Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) is awarded to students who complete major requirements in one of the occupational-technical curricula and may plan to obtain full-time employment upon graduation from Germanna.

A Certificate (C) is awarded to students who complete one of the approved non-degree curricula which are is usually less than two years in length.

A Career Studies Certificate (CS) is awarded to students who complete one of the career studies programs. Career studies programs are developed and implemented in response to community needs when institutional resources permit. The College reserves the right to withdraw program offerings if there is not sufficient demand or for other appropriate reasons.

Academic Honesty

The faculty of Germanna Community College recognizes that academic honesty is an integral factor in developing and sharing knowledge. We support the concept of academic honesty, practice academic honesty in our classes, and require academic honesty from our students. GCC students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in the completion and presentation of all academic assignments and examinations. Students found guilty of cheating, plagiarism, or other dishonorable acts in academic work are subject to College disciplinary action. Academic penalty in the course is determined by the instructor.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is cheating and stealing. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:

  • Intentionally using material verbatim from a source without giving credit. Copying verbatim from an Internet source is plagiarism.
  • Rewriting material from a source without giving credit.
  • Using information from an Internet source without giving credit.
  • Submitting the work of another person as your own work.
  • Using/copying work from another student or that student’s electronic storage device and submitting it for a grade.
  • Copying from another person’s paper, test or homework.
  • Allowing someone else to copy/use your work (paper, homework, quiz, or test) and submitting it or a grade.
  • Violating VCCS Computer Ethics Guidelines in the pursuit of academic studies.


College-level Course Credits

The credit for each course is indicated after the title in the course description. One credit is equivalent to one collegiate semester-hour credit. Each semester hour of credit given for a course is based on the “academic hour,” which is 50 minutes of formalized, structured instructional time in a particular course weekly for fifteen weeks.

Curriculum Changes/Transfer Between Curricula

Students who want to change their program or course of study while at Germanna Community College should discuss their intentions with an academic advisor. Once a decision to transfer to another curriculum has been finalized, the student should submit a Curriculum Change Form to the Admissions and Records Office. [The curriculum change will become effective the semester the change is requested.]

Transfer students must also request a reevaluation of their transcripts based on the requirements of the new curriculum. Graduation requirements will be determined by the catalog in effect at the time of the curriculum change. Please see “Catalog Used for Graduation” under “Graduation Requirements and Procedures” later in this section of the catalog.

Developmental Studies

Developmental courses are designed to provide the basic skills and knowledge necessary for success in college-level classes. These courses, which are numbered 01-09, are available in writing, reading, arithmetic, and algebra.

Upon applying for admission to Germanna, students must take placement tests in reading, writing, and math unless they can provide satisfactory SAT/ACT scores or can provide evidence of math and/or English credit earned at an accredited college or university. The scores from these tests provide counselors and faculty advisors with objective information to place students in the most appropriate classes.

Developmental classes do not satisfy graduation requirements and do not transfer to four-year institutions. Developmental courses carry one to eight credits for the purpose of tuition payment, calculation of course load, and enrollment status (full-time/part-time).

Students who experience difficulty with an entry-level class for which there is a preparatory developmental course may drop/add into a developmental course that is better suited to their skills. However, course changes after the end of the drop/add period require the approval of the appropriate instructor and the appropriate Dean of Instruction.

Grades in developmental courses are S (Satisfactory), R (Reenroll), or U (Unsatisfactory). A grade of S (Satisfactory) means that the student has satisfactorily completed the course objectives. Students making satisfactory progress but not completing all of the objectives for a developmental course will receive an R (Reenroll) and must reenroll and repeat the entire course. Students not making satisfactory progress will receive a U (Unsatisfactory). Any questions concerning developmental studies or student placement in developmental classes should be directed to the appropriate Dean of Instruction.

Developmental Course Credits: Courses numbered 01-09 do not satisfy graduation requirements and do not transfer to four-year institutions. Developmental courses carry 1 to 8 credits for the purpose of tuition payment, calculation of course load, and enrollment status (fulltime/part-time). For more information visit the “Are You Germanna Ready” website at http://www.germanna.edu/are-you-germanna-ready/

Distance Learning

Germanna Community College’s Distance Learning Department is committed to provide quality accessible learning opportunities that extend beyond the traditional classroom and that serve a diverse community population. To serve that commitment, we offer online, hybrid, and interactive video courses. All online course instruction is delivered via the Internet. Hybrid courses are a combination of campus lecture and online instruction. Finally, we offer interactive video courses which are available simultaneously at multiple campuses using a live interactive video system.

The Distance Learning Department provides the Orientation to Online Learning and a self-assessment test through Smarter Measures for students who are new to online courses. These resources are available online through the distance learning webpage and Orientation to Online Learning via the college web site at http://www.germanna.edu/distance-learning/orientation-to-online-learning.asp.


VCCS (section 5.6.1) policy: Examinations (SB): Students shall be expected to take examinations at the regularly scheduled times. No exceptions shall be made without the permission of the Chief Academic Officer, or another appropriate academic administrator, and the instructor of the course.

Final Exams (or any meaningful activity such as individual student conferences) will be held according to the posted Germanna schedule. Final examination (day, time and location) must be included in the course outline.

Recognition (Academic)

Academic Honors

Any student whose semester GPA is 3.200 or above will be placed on the Academic Honors List for that semester. The statement “Academic Honors” will be printed on the transcript.

President’s List

Any student who has completed a minimum of 24 credits at Germanna Community College and whose cumulative GPA is 3.8 or higher, earned a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher, and earned no grades of D, F, I or U for the semester will be place on the President’s List. The statement “President’s List” will be printed on the transcript.

Dean’s List

Any student, who has completed at least 12 credits per semester OR completed at least 6 non-developmental credit hours for the semester and earned a semester GPA of at least a 3.5, will be placed on the Dean’s List. The statement “Dean’s List” will be printed on the transcript.

Repeating A Course

Students are limited to two enrollments in the same credit course. Requests to enroll in the same course for a third time must be documented on a Request to Repeat Course form and approved by the Dean of Instruction prior to registration. Repeating a course will affect a student’s grade point average and may negatively affect financial eligibility.

When courses are repeated, only the last course grade attained is counted in the computation of the cumulative grade point average and for satisfying graduation requirements. However, all prior attempts will remain on the student’s permanent academic record. This policy applies only to courses taken and repeated since summer 1994, and also courses taken since Summer 1988 and repeated since Fall 1996. Implementation of this policy does not revise any GPA calculations for prior terms or any academic, financial, or administrative events that have occurred in the past. Questions should be directed to the Registrar.

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