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Academic Information - Attendance Standard

Catalog and Student Handbook

Class attendance is an integral part of a sound academic program for most classes at Germanna. However, alternate teaching techniques, which may not require class attendance, may also be a part of a sound academic program. Class attendance requirements are found in the course outline, which the instructor provides to students in each course. Germanna students are expected to be present and on time at all regularly scheduled classes and laboratory meetings. When a faculty member determines that a student has not met the class attendance requirements in the course outline, the faculty member may submit a Drop/Add Form, showing the last date of attendance by the student, to the Admissions and Records Office. A grade of “W” will be recorded for all withdrawals, whether initiated by the student or by the faculty member through the published “Last Day to Withdraw without Academic Penalty.” Students withdrawn after the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of “F” except under mitigating circumstances, which must be documented by the student and approved by the Dean of Instruction. Please see “Withdrawing from a Course” under “Registration Information” in the Academic Information section of this catalog for additional policy information.

If class meeting times during the week are:   Absences permitted are:
2   1
4   2
6   3
8   4

This is based on 16-week course.

Frequent absences may result in the termination of Veterans Benefits and other programs of financial assistance.