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Academic Information - Classification of Students

Catalog and Student Handbook

All students are classified according to the following categories: Curricular/Non-curricular, Freshman/Sophomore, Full-time/Part-time.


A student who has satisfied all College admission requirements and has been admitted to a curriculum.


A student who is not formally admitted to one of the curricula but who is classified according to one of the following student goals or conditions:

  • updating employment skills for present job
  • developing skills for a new job
  • career exploration
  • personal satisfaction and general knowledge
  • transient student (may take up to 15 credit hours before being required to change status)
  • non-degree transfer student
  • high school student (with College & high school approval only)
  • general or curricular requirements pending (with College approval only)
  • restricted enrollment (with College approval only)
  • auditing a course (with College approval only)


Fewer than 30 credits completed in the designated curriculum. Sophomore: 30 or more credits completed in the designated curriculum, including relevant transfer credits. Full-time: Enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester. Part-time: Enrolled in fewer than 12 credits per semester.