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Academic Information - Developmental Studies

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Developmental courses are designed to provide the basic skills and knowledge necessary for success in college-level classes. These courses, which are numbered 01-09, are available in writing, reading, arithmetic, and algebra.

Upon applying for admission to Germanna, students must take placement tests in reading, writing, and math unless they can provide satisfactory SAT/ACT scores or can provide evidence of math and/or English credit earned at an accredited college or university. The scores from these tests provide counselors and faculty advisors with objective information to place students in the most appropriate classes.

Developmental classes do not satisfy graduation requirements and do not transfer to four-year institutions. Developmental courses carry one to eight credits for the purpose of tuition payment, calculation of course load, and enrollment status (full-time/part-time).

Students who experience difficulty with an entry-level class for which there is a preparatory developmental course may drop/add into a developmental course that is better suited to their skills. However, course changes after the end of the drop/add period require the approval of the appropriate instructor and the appropriate Dean of Instruction.

Grades in developmental courses are S (Satisfactory), R (Reenroll), or U (Unsatisfactory). A grade of S (Satisfactory) means that the student has satisfactorily completed the course objectives. Students making satisfactory progress but not completing all of the objectives for a developmental course will receive an R (Reenroll) and must reenroll and repeat the entire course. Students not making satisfactory progress will receive a U (Unsatisfactory). Any questions concerning developmental studies or student placement in developmental classes should be directed to the appropriate Dean of Instruction.