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Academic Information - Withdrawing from a Course

Catalog and Student Handbook

A student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty and receive a grade of “W” during the first 60% of the semester or session. The date identified as the “Last Day to Withdraw without Academic Penalty” for each semester or session is published in the current Schedule of Classes. Appropriate paperwork must be received and processed by the Admissions and Records Office on or before the published deadline.

After that time, if a student withdraws or is withdrawn from a course, a grade of “F” will be assigned. Exceptions to this policy may be considered under mitigating circumstances if the student was making satisfactory progress in the course when their attendance or participation ceased. Mitigating circumstances must be documented by the student in a formal written petition and submitted to the appropriate Dean of Instruction for review and consideration. A copy of this documentation will be placed in the student’s academic file.

Note: Mitigating circumstances are defined as instances in which the student was unable to complete the course due to serious illness, death in the immediate family, fulltime employment or shift change, or move from the area.