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College Wide Policies - HIV Infection

Catalog and Student Handbook

The HIV Infection Policy at Germanna Community College has been developed and applied in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American College Health Association. Questions may be directed to the Dean of Student Development.

The existence of any form of HIV infection will not be considered in the admissions process. Students with HIV Spectrum Disease will be allowed regular classroom attendance and use of College facilities in an unrestricted manner as long as they are physically able to attend class.

The College will not ask students to respond to questions about the existence of HIV infection. However, students are encouraged to disclose knowledge of potentially serious medical conditions (for example, HIV infection) so appropriate education, counseling and/or referrals may be made. This, like all other medical information, will be handled in strictest confidence. Referrals to local free anonymous testing are available through the Counseling Center.

A separate policy exists with specific guidelines for students enrolled in the College’s nursing program and students and faculty involved with biological research in the laboratory setting. It is published in the Nursing Program Student Handbook.

A person with advanced stages of HIV infection will be considered as having a disability and will have the legal rights guaranteed to disabled persons. Existing support services for persons with disabilities will be made available to persons with HIV infections.