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BSK 1: Whole Numbers — Covers whole number principles and computations. Develops the mathematical mastery necessary for MTE 1. Credit not applicable toward graduation. Total 4 hours per week. 1 credit. Prerequisite: Tested into BSK 1 with the VPT Math Placement Test.

BSK 41 - Language Arts, Level 1 — Introduces basic reading and writing skills in preparation for subsequent courses by focusing on vocabulary development (simple phonics, dictionary skills), conventions of Standard English (basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure), reading comprehension (reading process, topics), study skills (time management, textbook format), and critical thinking skills (fact and opinion). Lecture 0-2 hours. Laboratory 0-4 hours. Total 2-4 hours per week. Prerequisite: Tested into BSK 41 with the VPT English Placement Test.

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