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Introduction - Campus Safety and Crime Awareness

Catalog and Student Handbook

The safety of all our students, staff, and visitors is a primary concern at Germanna. It is a partnership in which everyone plays an important role. The more you know about where you are; about what is happening around you; and if an emergency happens knowing how to respond will affect all of us at Germanna. Any life threatening emergencies such as a fire or medical problem should be reported immediately to the campus police.

Germanna Community College Police Department officers provided uniform patrols 24 hours a day. College facilities are open Monday thru Friday from 6:30 AM until 10:00 PM, Saturday 6:30 AM till 4:00 PM. With the exception of Sunday classes or other special events the college closes from 4:00 PM on Saturday until 6:30 AM on Monday.

Telephone numbers for the College Police Department are posted on every class room phone instrument and at the main entrances to the buildings.

The most important person involving your safety is you. Observe these safety suggestions to keep yourself safe:

  • Secure your personal property; do not leave purses, backpacks, computers unattended.
  • Lock your vehicle; keep objects in your passenger section out of sight, put them in the trunk of the vehicle, or if you have a large open back area cover the items with a blanket The potential thief will not be tempted to steal or break into your vehicle if he does not have something to see laying on the seat.
  • Use the “buddy system” or walk with a group; especially when it is dark. Have your car key ready and in your hand, and always inspect and look in your

Report any theft or lost property, accidents, damage to property, or need for emergency services to the campus police.

As required by the federal Clery Act this college maintains annual crime statistics concerning the occurrences of reported criminal offenses and the number of arrests for particular violations on campus during the preceding three years. These statistics are available at the campus police office. You may also contact the Germanna Community College Chief of Police for this information at 1-540-891-3007, or go directly to the Germanna website at

Germanna Community College will not tolerate sexual misconduct inclusive of sexual assault, sexual harassment and verbal misconduct, in any form, including acquaintance rape by any student toward another student, members of the faculty or staff, other employee/non-employee, or college visitors. These charges are a serious violation of college policy, punishable through sanctions. Moreover, it is a crime subject to both criminal and civil legal actions. Students who violate this policy will have college charges processed against them in the normal manner of due process provided by college rules. Violations of college policies and various State Laws pertaining to these matters will be strictly enforced. The College Police Department will work with the victim, appropriate college authorities, and local/state jurisdictions to help maintain a safe workplace and learning environment.

Students can find more information on responding to sexual assault and misconduct in the student handbook, College-Wide Policies.

If you observe any behavior which you feel could be life threatening to others at Germanna please report it promptly to the campus police, a counselor, faculty member, or to the telephone operator. Students see more than anyone else on campus. It is not snitching, but rather a response which could save someone from grave harm.