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Learning Support Services - Academic Computing Centers

Catalog and Student Handbook

The Academic Computing Centers (ACC) provides computer support for academic instructional and research needs to GCC faculty, staff and students. The Academic Computing Centers are located at the Locus Grove campus and at the Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper. The primary goal of the Academic Computing Centers is to provide GCC faculty, staff, and students with an academic environment that enables the completion of course assignments, review of computer based tutorials, access and sending of e-mail, and document scanning. ACC users have access to the Germanna website to apply for registration, enroll in classes, and look-up their student information. The computers in the Academic Computing Centers are equipped with the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite, web browsing, virus protection, and various curriculum based software that allows students to access resources outside of the classroom. Equipment available includes computers, scanner and ePRINTit printing kiosks at designated areas. Information for location and hours of operation can be accessed via the college website