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Student Handbook - Bookstore

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There is a College bookstore, operated by Follett’s Bookstores, located on the Fredericksburg Area Campus and the Locust Grove campuses.

New, used and rental eligible textbooks, and supplies may be purchased there, as well as gift items, clothing, electronics, etc. Follett offers a textbook buy back service throughout the school year. As an added service, the bookstore will special order any textbooks, paperbacks, etc., from publishers.

If payment is made by credit card, the individual named on the card must be present with a photo ID to sign the sales receipt. If using a check for payment, it must be in-state and not a starter check.

Purchases can be made in person at either campus location, or online at

Follett’s Bookstore - Refund Policy:

Full refund for Fall and Spring are given within 15 days after the first day of class.

Full refund for Summer are given within 7 days after the first day of class.

New books must not be written in and the access codes must not be revealed.

If the book was purchased wrapped in plastic, money will be refunded only if the book is returned unopened in the plastic wrap.

Computers, tablets, nursing kits, software, and gift cards are non-returnable items.

The original receipt must be presented for a full refund regardless of payment method

There is a 10-business day waiting period on refunds/returns if payment was made with a check