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Student Handbook - Common Emergencies / Handling Guidelines

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Medical Needs:

The College does not provide health services on campus. Medical care is the responsibility of each student. However, in the case of serious injury or medical emergency, the rescue squad will be called. To report a medical emergency contact campus police directly at 2911 using a college classroom or office phone, or if using a cell phone call 540-727-2911. The phone number for Campus Police is located on every class room phone instrument. College Police and Security officers are trained and certified in First Aid/CPR and with the use of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). Officers are equipped with emergency medical response bags in which they use to assist them with calls involving medical emergencies here at the college.

AED units are located throughout the campus and are available to assist a person having a heart attack. Look for the AED sign on the corridor walls to locate a unit. The units can be removed and taken to the location of the heart attack victim. Instruction for using the AED equipment is found with the equipment and instructions are audibly transmitted while using the equipment.

Auto Accidents: Common property damage automobile accidents can occur in the parking lots. Campus police should be immediately notified in the event of an on-campus accident. If a driver strikes an unoccupied vehicle they should report their actions to the campus police so the damage can be assessed and a report can be taken. Personal injuries caused during an automobile accident may require medical assistance and should be immediately reported to campus police. Failing to report an automobile accident is violation of Virginia Law.

Fire Emergencies: If you see a fire or the smoke from a fire the first thing to do is PULL THE FIRE ALARM pull station. They are located on the wall in the corridors near the fire exit doors. This action gives everyone in the building an opportunity to be notified of the threat and starts the evacuation of the building. A fire can also be reported by dialing 2911 from any of the college phones in the classrooms and offices or 540-727-2911 from a cellular phone to get the campus police. Do not attempt to fight the fire until the alarm system has been activated. Fire extinguishers are located on the walls near the fire exit doors. Students are encouraged to learn the location of the extinguishers and learn how to use them properly. Students evacuating the buildings should gather in the parking lots where a light pole is identified with two large yellow reflective stripes. This is the designated assembly area for students and staff.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct:

Germanna Community College will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form. Sexual misconduct is a flagrant violation of the behavioral expectations for a college community. An educational institution is a community of trust whose very existence depends on the recognition of each individual’s importance and value. This trust creates the freedom for each individual to live, think, act and speak without fear of physical harm. Sexual misconduct shatters that bond of trust. All reported violations shall be regarded as serious and will be fully investigated. Acts of sexual misconduct may be punishable through civil and criminal proceedings, as well as through the College’s disciplinary processes. This shall apply to all students and employees of Germanna Community College.

Germanna Community College informs students about the prevention of sexual misconduct and assault. In order to do this, a variety of programs and resources are made available annually to students, faculty and staff. This may include, but is not limited to, presentations by college police & security services, local experts, and other law enforcement representatives, literature and brochures, Red Flag campaign, and publication of policy and procedure information in the college catalog. In addition new students who enroll in student development courses receive information on topics relating to personal awareness and prevention of sexual assault, misconduct and harassment.

Reporting Suspicious Activity: If you see an activity or a person, which could harm others or be potentially threatening to those in the immediate area, contact the campus police by dialing 2911 from a campus phone or 540-727-2911 from your cellular phone. The phone number for campus police is located on every class room phone instrument. Your interest in everyone’s safety does make a difference. Prompt reporting of information could save lives.