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Student Handbook - Fund-Raising by Students or Student Organizations

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All fund raising done in the name of Germanna Community College or an approved College student organization must be used to support and advance the mission of the College. Fund raising activities conducted by recognized College student clubs and organizations require the approval of the Dean of Student Services. An individual student or a student group which is not affiliated with a formally recognized College club or organization must obtain approval from the Dean of Student Development for any fund-raising effort which uses the name of Germanna Community College in its promotion. Approval may be requested by contacting the Student Activities Office.

The proceeds of all fund-raising activities must be deposited with the College Business Office within 2 business days of receipt. All expenditures must be supported with original invoices or sales receipts. Requests for payment and /or reimbursement of expenses will follow College procurement guidelines that are available in the Business Office. Fund-raising activities that support the Germanna Community College Educational Foundation are governed by bylaws of the College’s Germanna Community College Board and the Foundation Board.