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Student Handbook - Motorists Assistance

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The Department of Police & Security Services are here to help you when you are on campus and have trouble with your car, such as retrieving keys from locked vehicles and jump starting dead batteries. Our staff is ready to lend a helping hand, free of charge. To summon our services, contact the campus police dispatch center at 640-891-3079.

Officers will respond and have tools to assist. This does not guarantee they will be able to get your car started or get your car unlocked, however it is free and worth a try. For the safety of college Police & Security Services officers, and to prevent damage to your vehicle, the Motorist Assistance Program may not be available for all makes and models, college locations, and certain services may be limited during inclement weather when lightning is present. During the summer and winter sessions, this service is available on a limited basis. During busy times of the day or under certain circumstances, we may have an extended response time or be unavailable to assist you.