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Student Handbook - Non-Academic Complaint

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A non-academic complaint is any difference of opinion or dispute between a student and an instructor, administrator, staff member or another GCC student pertaining to the interpretation and/or application of the policies and procedures of the College and the Virginia Community College System excluding issues of instruction and classroom management. Non-academic grievances shall also include those pertaining to student governance issues, student activities, arbitrary and capricious management decisions, advising, and other concerns that the students might present for redress.

A student who is experiencing dissatisfaction in a nonacademic matter at the College must first discuss the matter with the College official involved before filing a formal complaint. Every reasonable effort must be made by both parties to resolve the matter through informal discussion. After this informal discussion, students who continue to feel they have a valid non-academic complaint must report this complaint to the Dean of Student Development.

The Dean will work with all parties involved to mediate the complaint in a timely manner. In order to mediate the complaint, the Dean may engage faculty or staff members relevant to the complaint in an informal discussion. The decision of the Dean regarding non-academic complaints is final.