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Student Handbook - Referral Services

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The counselors have an index of agencies in the community and State. Students who seek an alternative to services provided by Germanna, or need specialized professional care unavailable at the College, can ask a counselor contact information and assistance in making appointments. Referral information is available in areas including substance abuse, family/psychological counseling, family planning, and many other areas. Many community services are offered at minimum or no cost. Following are some numbers that may assist in locating information and assistance. Most of them are toll free or local numbers, so calls for assistance can be placed without charge.

Alcoholics Anonymous (540) 373-2028

Behavior Health care of Rappahannock-Rapidan (540) 825-5656

Caroline County Dept. of Social Services (804) 633-5071

National Alcohol and Drug Treatment Hotline 1-800-390-4056

Child help/Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453

Culpeper Family Counseling Service (540) 825-5337

Culpeper Rehabilitative Services (540) 825-2884

Culpeper County Dept. of Social Services (540) 727-0372

Fredericksburg Area Community Services Board Hotline (540) 373-3223

Fredericksburg Child Development Center (540) 899-4025

Fredericksburg Department of Rehabilitative Services (540) 899-4161

Fredericksburg Department of Social Services (540) 372-1032

King George County of Department of Social Services (540) 775-3544

Legal Aid (540) 371-1105

Legal Aid Rappahannock Legal Services Fredericksburg (540) 371-1105

Legal Aid- Rappahannock Legal Services Culpeper (540) 825-3131

Madison County Dept. of Social Services (540) 948-5521

Missing Children Hotline 1-800-843-5678

Orange County Dept. of Social Services (540) 672-1155

Rappahannock Area Community Services Board –Mental Health Rappahannock Area Council for Children & Parents (Circle of Parent Programming) (540) 785-6217

Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence (540) 373-9373

Spotsylvania County Dept. of Social Services (540) 507-7898

Stafford County Department of Social Services (540) 658-8720

VA Department of Health and Disease Hotline 1-800-533-4148

Web site for social services:


TIPS is a Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Service. It allows students, staff, faculty and others to confidentially report concerning behaviors or potentially harmful incidents. TIPS does not replace 911 for emergency situations. It is used to report situations where a person may cause harm to self or to others. TIPS allows this information to be communicated to the appropriate personnel and investigated immediately for a proactive response to maintain a safe campus. The link to TIPS is at the bottom of the Germanna Community College home page.