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Student Handbook - Student Activities

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Students are encouraged to participate in one or more of the active clubs and organizations. Students are also encouraged to initiate new clubs. Clubs and activity programming allow students to participate in educational, social, and leadership activities. Participation in clubs and activities contributes to and enhances the total learning experience. Some of the activities have included cultural festivals/fairs, musical presentations, performers, plays, movies, lecturers, trips to events/museums, etc. College faculty and staff serve as advisors to student clubs. However, clubs continue and thrive based on student participation and interest. For example, in recent years the following clubs and organizations have been active at Germanna:

Anime Club:

The Anime Club explores different forms of anime and shares their enthusiasm for the genre.

Art Club:

The focus of this club is in learning and participating in many forms of art and sharing their interest in art with others.

Basketball Club:

The Basketball Club at Germanna Community College is an organized athletic club, which engages in friendly competition with other community college clubs.

Cheerleading Team:

The Cheerleading Club promotes Germanna school spirit, cheers at basketball games, and participates in organized competitions.

Encounter Club:

The purpose of this organization will be to share the truths of Jesus Christ, teaching persons how to experience the fullness of the Christian life as taught in the Bible

Gaming Club:

Play your game of choice with your fellow Germanna students. Participate in school, local and statewide tournaments.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers:

This club applies classroom learning to real world experiments involving mechanical engineering.

Photography Club:

The Film Club participates in amateur club film competitions.

Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Lambda Psi Chapter):

Phi Theta Kappa annually provides support to many College activities, such as registration and commencement exercises. Its Adopt-A-Highway cleanup program is an on-going community service project for the chapter. PTK has been represented at all regional meetings, conferences, and workshops for the last seven years.

R.I.O.T. (Poetry) Club:

The purpose of this club is to explore written and spoken poetry between students and GCC employees. It promotes serving cultural differences, spirituality and helps students to interact socially.

Student Government Association:

The purpose of the SGA is to encourage communication between students, faculty, and administration. It promotes and coordinates student organizations and activities that include a wide range of interest. The SGA encourages and develops students as effective members of the College and community and encourages better school spirit. The SGA acts as the official voice of the student body to the administration of the College.

Student Nursing Association:

This club participates in many activities revolving around the health field (ex. Health and Fitness Fair, American Red Cross Blood Drive, Flu Shots, and free Blood Pressure Screenings).

Student Veteran’s Association:

This organization assists veterans attending Germanna Community College with finding resources, advocating for Veteran related issues, and encouraging communication among veterans and with faculty, staff and students.


This club promotes health and wellness through sport, exercise and self-defense through learning martial arts.