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Student Handbook - Student Clubs/Approval of New or Reestablished

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Students are encouraged to establish or reestablish new clubs to in accordance with student interest. Campus organizations and student activities are encouraged and may be established for any lawful purpose. A Germanna faculty or staff member must serve as the group’s advisor. He or she will have responsibility for supporting the efforts of the club’s officers which may include attending meetings, assisting clubs in their development of budgets and accompanying groups as they travel to conferences. All student clubs and organizations operate under the Student Government Association (SGA).

To receive formal recognition, a prospective club or organization must submit an application for recognition to the Student Activities Office. The application must include a completed club registration form and a copy of the group’s constitution. The Student Activities Office will forward the application to the SGA. The Student Activities Coordinator will inform the group of its status.

Where there is affiliation with an external organization such as a national honor society, that organization’s constitution and bylaws shall be filed with the SGA. Amendments shall be submitted to the SGA within a reasonable time. All organizational funds shall be handled in accordance with established Virginia Community College System policy. College recognition of an organization implies neither approval nor disapproval of the aims, objectives, and policies of the organization. However, membership in any recognized organization shall be open to any member of the College community without regard to race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, political affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, or against otherwise qualified persons with disabilities.