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Student Handbook - Student Records/Transcripts

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Access to Student Records/Transcripts

A student may request that a copy of their student permanent record be forwarded to other educational institutions, employers, or any person(s) designated by the student. A student must authorize the release of their transcript by submitting a signed written request, accessing the Transcript Request Form through GCC Online at or by completing a Transcript Request Form, available in the Admissions and Records Office at either campus and on the Admissions and Records website. There is currently no fee for transcripts. Allow up to ten working days for processing. Due to the limitations on access to student information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, telephone, email and third party requests for transcripts cannot be honored. This includes transcript requests from parents of students. Germanna will not release a transcript for any student who has unresolved financial obligations with the College.

Note: The College does not provide copies of transcripts from other institutions. Such copies must be obtained from the originating source.

Student Records Retention

The College permanently retains an electronic record of a student’s academic transcript (student permanent record). Other records will be maintained in paper form for periods ranging from one year after the date of origination to three years from the date of a student’s separation from the College. The College retains student records according to the regulations set forth by the Virginia Public Records Act of the Code of Virginia.

Changes to Official Student Record

Students wishing to make any changes or corrections to identifying information on file at the College must complete a Change Form. This includes changes of name, address, telephone number, and curriculum. Change Forms are available in the Admissions and Records Office and on the Admissions and Records website.