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Student Services - Admission of Registered Sex Offender

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Section 23-2.2:1 of the code of Virginia requires that the VCCS send enrollment information to the Virginia State Police concerning applicants for admission. This information is transmitted electronically and compared against the Virginia Criminal Information Network and National Crime Information Center Convicted Sexual Offender Registry. Language on the web application informs applicants that their information is being transmitted to the State Police. In the event that the State Police determine that an applicant to Germanna Community College is listed on the Sex Offender Registry, the State Police will notify Germanna Community College via the local Sheriff. The College will be notified as to the prospective student’s name and the charge for which the prospective student was convicted.

Registered sex offenders applying for admission to Germanna Community College will be required to meet with the Dean of Student Development and the Chief of Police before being approved for admission. Students identified as sex offenders after having attended classes will be required to meet with the Dean of Student Services and the Chief of Police within 10 working days after such notification. The Dean of Student Development, working with advice from the Chief of Police will make an admission decision after meeting with the applicant. If a student who is a registered sex offender is admitted to the College, a link to the student’s page in the Commonwealth of Virginia Sex Offender Registry will be posted on the College web site. This link is available for review by all staff and students. In accordance with its published admissions policy, the College reserves the right to evaluate and document special cases and to refuse admission to applicants if such refusal is considered to be in the best interest of the College. Students may be denied admission if there is reason to believe that they present a danger to themselves, other students, faculty members and/or staff. Applicants who register for classes and become a student before the College receives notification of their status on the sex offender registry may be subject to revocation of admission. An applicant who is denied admission or had admission revoked may invoke his/her right to an appeal process. If the applicant is denied admission to the College, he or she may appeal in a written letter to an Admissions Review Committee. The Dean of Student Development will notify the applicant of the decision and the right to appeal. The Admissions Review Committee is made up of 3 teaching faculty members. For the purpose of reviewing an admissions appeal from a registered sex offender, the Admissions Review Committee will be convened by the Registrar. The appeal will be approved or denied by simple majority vote. The decision of the Admissions Review Committee is final.