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Student Services - Refunds Repayments Title IV

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Change is Enrollment Status during the Full Refund Period

If a student fails to establish attendance, officially drops a class during the full refund period, or has a class cancelled, his/her eligibility for Financial Aid funds will be reduced accordingly. If the student receives funds based on the higher enrollment level, he/she must repay the difference between the grant for the higher enrollment level and the grant for the lower enrollment level. Students who fail to begin attendance in all classes are not eligible for financial aid and will be required to repay all financial aid funds received.

After the Refund Period

Students who stop attending class and receive Grades of F, R, U, W, I, or X may be required to repay a portion of the total federal aid received. Students who receive grades of F, R, U, W, I or X may lose eligibility for Further financial aid funds too. Students may have to repay financial aid funds under the following circumstances:

  1. If a student withdraws from all classes after the refund period, or
  2. If a student fails to begin attendance in one or more classes, or
  3. If a student stops attending all classes for the semester.