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Student Services - State Tuition Assistance Program

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Virginia War Orphans Education Program: Children ages 16 to 25 of certain wounded, disabled, or deceased Virginia veterans or armed services personnel may be eligible for educational assistance.

Children of Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters: Children ages 16 to 25 of Virginia law enforcement officers, firefighters, or rescue squad members who have been killed in the line of duty may be eligible for full tuition and fees.

Senior Citizens: Senior citizens may apply for free tuition and fees provided for by the Senior Citizens Higher Education Act. Students at least 60 years of age who have been domiciled in Virginia for at least one year are eligible to audit credit courses tuition-free. Additionally, if their Virginia taxable income did not exceed $15,000 for the year preceding enrollment, they may take courses for credit without cost on a space-available basis. Regardless of income, eligible senior citizens may take up to three noncredit courses free of charge each semester on a space-available basis. Please contact the Admissions and Records Office for details and assistance.