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Date: May 12, 2016

Location: UMW Anderson Center

Staff/Volunteer Assignments

Staff/Volunteers Arrive at 4:30


VIP Check-In/Escort:

Pam Duff

Brenda Levoy


Stage Party/Board Members:

Marcie Corbin

Pam Duff

Lindsay Fare

Tobi Holtslag

Cheri Maea


Faculty Line Up:

Doris Cannon

Dawn Faulconer


Faculty Marshalls (Leading students in and out):

Brenda Dixon

Gayle Wolfe


Faculty (Seating):

Anita Newhouse

Pat Yuliano


Student (Seating):

Carly Lunn

Ann Nester


Student Line Up:

Associate of Arts and Sciences & Germanna Scholars

  • Jen Elks

Associate of Science & Associate of Applied Science

  • Zack Harris

Certificate/Career Studies Certificate

  • Carol Baetz



Donna Alexander

Marie Maea

Brooke Newhouse


Student Check-In Table:

Christine Chester

Roseanne Hetrick

Judy Ludvigsen

Gabrielle Martinez


Veteran Cords:

Nichole Geisenhof


Outside Greeters:

Kim Viarella – Courtyard Entrance

Christian Tompkins – Lower Courtyard

Matthew Fitzgerald – Parking Garage (bottom)

Chris Strickland – Parking Garage (top)

Qarahn Anbiya – Breeze Way


Inside Seating (Crowd Control):

Erica Bryant

Valerie Weems


Counters (Crowd Control):

Keila Jennings – Entrance #1

Sandi Pope – Entrance #2


Hand Stamp (Crowd Control):

Bettie Smith – Entrance #1

Arsha Tariq – Entrance #2


Programs (Crowd Control):

Ruth Ann Acors – Entrance #1

Hunain Tariq – Entrance #1

Logan Smith – Entrance #2

Humna Sharif – Entrance #2