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Practical Nurse Quick Guide

Want to become a Practical Nurse?

Practical nurses work with doctors and registered nurses as contributing members of the health team, performing tasks such as measuring vital signs, collecting fluid samples, dressing wounds, administering intravenous medications and other duties in a variety of health service facilities. Upon successful completion of the Practical Nurse (PN) curriculum, students will be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination leading to licensure as a practical nurse (PN).

What You Need Before You Apply

High School Courses

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • One unit each of High School Biology & Chemistry with labs and one unit of High School Algebra with minimum GPA of ā€œCā€ average within the past five (5) years or demonstrate competency on Pre-admission Tests or successfully complete BIO 101, CHM 125 and MTE 1-4.

Pre-Admission Testing Requirements

  • Computer competency test or within five (5) years prior to application, completion of a college computer literacy skills course.
  • Placement tests for college-level reading, writing and math courses. Applicants with previous college courses may be exempt from the placement test requirement.
  • Nursing tests of essential academic skills within three (3) years of application.

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Background Check

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Steps To Apply:Application Deadlines: April 1