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Virtual Hospital: Staff

Dr. Robert Harry MD, PhD

vh staffIn June of 2004 Dr. Harry was asked to program and operate the first high fidelity simulator at Germanna Community College . Recently retiring from a 24-year career as a general and vascular surgeon, Dr. Harry pioneered nursing student experiences in high fidelity simulation. Dr. Harry has a doctorate in biomedical mathematics and engineering and enthusiastically investigated SimMan's capabilities and developed scenarios for nursing student simulation experiences. Using the Socratic Method by, posing clinical questions, Dr. Harry uses SimMan develop critical thinking skills in nursing students.

Dr. Patti Lisk RN, DACCE

vh staffDr. Patti Lisk wrote the original grant for the purchase of human patient simulators (HPS) at Germanna. Initial work with the (HPS) lead Dr. Lisk to develop scenarios that address student needs throughout the nursing curriculum. In her work with nursing students, Dr. Lisk has her clinical site at the Virtual Hospital at Germanna where she orchestrates virtual hospital excursions for students over six hour "clinical "experiences. Coordinating with the technology department at Germanna, Dr. Lisk received the Technology in Education (TIE) award in 2007 for The Virtual Hospital: A New World of Independent Thinking, Leading and Learning, New Horizons for Community Colleges. Another work that has received recognition is Dr. Lisk's Technology in Education 2007: The Virtual Hospital: A New World of Independent Thinking, Leading and Learning, New Horizons for Community Colleges.

Dr. Zoila Ortega RN, PhD

vh staffDr. Ortega operationalized virtual hospital experiences at Germanna. Working with Dr. Lisk, Dr. Ortega developed simulation scenarios that targeted specific student outcomes that promote the nursing student's ability to critically think. According to Dr. Ortega, "the primary goal [of Virtual Hospital] is to develop independence in practice." In order to meet student needs in the Virtual Hospital experience, Dr. Ortega has assumed the role of doctor, respiratory therapist, dietician, and family member. Monumental to the task of curriculum integration, Dr. Ortega acts as instructor for nursing faculty adjuncts in order to provide basic simulator operations and support the programs incorporation of high fidelity simulation.

Karen Mittura RN, MSN, CCRN

vh staffOriginating from her graduate course work, the concept of virtual hospital was a result of a collaborative effort by Ms. Mittura and Dr. Lisk's vision for the use of high fidelity simulation in the nursing program at Germanna. Working on the original grant for the purchase of high fidelity simulators, Ms. Mittura teamed with Dr. Lisk to acquire and integrate high fidelity experiences for the nursing students. Ms. Mittura works to combine simulation scenarios that coordinate with patient populations in order to ensure student exposure to various patient presentations. Ms. Mittura also schedules high fidelity simulation throughout the semesters of the Germanna program by coordinating student experiences through selected scenarios that transition-nursing students from virtual hospital basic to virtual hospital advanced. Ms. Mittura received the Technology in Education award with Dr. Lisk for the presentation "The Virtual Hospital: A New World of Independent Thinking, Leading and Learning."