Angela Green Biography

Spotsylvania County

Angela Green

Angela Greene knows that education has become a process of lifelong learning. She knows the value of community colleges in keeping abreast of changes in the job market.

The Melbourne, Florida native who represents Spotsylvania County on Germanna Community College’s Board is a former elementary school teacher preparing for a career change.

“Community college is perhaps the best educational investment one can make,” she says. “I’m so convinced of this that I am currently investing myself.”

She’s enrolled full time in the Respiratory Therapy Program at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

“Once completed, I’ll have a higher earning income potential using the associates of science degree than being employed as an educator with a master’s degree at a fraction of the educational expenses,” Ms. Greene says. “There are skills gaps in our economy and there’s no better place than a community college to educate and train students in a trade and equip them with the skills to enter the workforce in an efficient and economical way.”

Ms. Greene earned a master’s degree in elementary education from the University of Florida in 1999 and a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in philosophy from North Carolina State University in 1995.

Her husband Jason is a member of the United States Capitol Police. They have four children-Blaike, a junior at Riverbend High School, Reagan, a sixth-grader at Ni River Middle School, Braelynn, a fourth grader at Harrison Road Elementary and Rowan, a second-grader at Harrison Road Elementary.

Ms. Greene taught for Brevard County Schools in Merritt Island, Florida teaching elementary school until the birth of her second child in 2002.