Ann Tidball Biography

Madison County

Ann Tidball As a former university sociology professor who has served as a top human resources officer for major corporations like Merck and Honeywell, Ann G.Tidball understands the challenges many young people face and the difference community college can make in their lives.

“Community colleges are a vital component of our educational system in Virginia,” Tidball, Madison County’s representative on the Germanna Community College Board, says.

“They provide an uncomplicated transition from high school to college with more individual attention and assistance,” she says. “Community colleges are much more affordable and provide the opportunity for the student to continue living at home at a time when they may not be ready to be on their own.
“Often students coming out of high school are uncertain about choosing a field of study and community colleges provide a chance to explore different subjects. The community college environment is excellent for building a student’s confidence and preparing for university.”

Tidball has served as senior vice president of human resources for Merck & Co., vice president for human resources for Honeywell-Asia Pacific, vice president for human resources at Allied Signal and assistant vice president for human resources at Northern Telecom.

She was an adjunct professor of sociology at George Mason University.

Tidball has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in sociology from Texas Women’s University.

She’s married to William C. Tidball. The couple have two daughters, Kipperly Tidball and Jennifer Tidball.