• Presidents Recognition Award

    President's Recognition Award

Congratulations to Germanna Community College's President's Recognition of Excellence Award Winners

To acknowledge their hard work, GCC President David A. Sam presented $1,000 ceremonial checks to the recipients of the President's Recognition of Excellence award:

Full-time Faculty: Gerald Miller    
Part-time Faculty: Voytek Dolinski    
Administrative Faculty: Pam Frederick    
Classified Staff: Jeff Yowell    
Part-time Staff: Charlene Nibblins    


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Full-time Faculty: Cheryl Huff
Part-time Faculty: Tina Lance
Administrative Faculty: Paula Gentry
Classified Staff:  Michelle Norton
Part-time Staff:   Nick Morgan
Presidents Recognition Award    



Full-time Faculty: Patricia Parker       
Part-time Faculty: Angela Hoopes
Administrative Faculty: Ann Lyons 
Classified Staff:  Garland Fenwick
Part-time Staff:   Melissa Lindsay
Presidents Recognition Award    



Full-time Faculty: Don Frank       
Part-time Faculty: Bonnie Dixon 
Administrative Faculty: Martha O’Keefe
Classified Staff:  Tina Parker  
Part-time Staff:   Donna Alexander
Presidents Recognition Award

"One of our strategic initiatives is to invest in people, and it's personally important to me because of my memories of working in organizations in the private sector and not always feeling particularly appreciated, I would like to do everything that I can with our systems to continue to appreciate you in many ways."~Dr. David A. Sam